Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Interactive Flat Panel Displays in Automotive Industry – Virtual Showrooms and Much More

We live in times where innovation and technology are driving customer experiences for industries across the globe. The automotive sector is no exception to this evolution. The advent of Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs) has benefitted this industry in unimaginable ways. These technical marvels can open up the doors to futuristic showrooms. 

Just imagine how customers will feel when they step inside a showroom and are not in the traditional setup with vehicles lined up in rows. How will they feel if they are surrounded by Touchscreen Displays that allow them to explore every vehicle in detail? How will their experience be when they get to zoom in, swipe, and see details unfold magnificently? 

This can be the reality of your showrooms. You can take the futuristic route and craft memorable buying experiences for your potential customers. This blog will explore how IFPDs are pioneering in revolutionizing the automotive industry. Let’s keep going!


The Rise of Interactive Panels in Automotive Showrooms 

Interactive Flat Panel Displays


Trueview IFPDs aren’t just ordinary, traditional displays. They have a lot to put on the table. They have a plethora of features tailored specifically for the automotive industry. These Interactive Touchscreen Displays are meant to provide a hands-on experience to your potential buyers. Let us tell you how you can allow them to explore every aspect of the car virtually like they would do in real life. 


Driving Innovation – Key Technical Features of Trueview Interactive Panels in the Automotive Realm

Ultra High-Resolution Display 

Our Interactive Flat Panels are equipped with 4K ultra-high-resolution screens. So, whenever you showcase a car, every detail gets displayed with crystal-clear clarity. The interactive touch screen of our IFPDs also allows customers to zoom in and see a car’s design elements, textures, finishes, and other such aspects. With our IFPDs, you can also provide them with a near-real experience of the vehicle’s aesthetics. 


Multi-Touch Capability

Many Interactive Flat Panel Displays offer touch capability. However, Trueview Touchscreen Displays are a step forward. They boast multi-touch capability. This implies that multiple people can interact with these devices at the same time. 

This multi-touch feature of our IFPDs can prove to be a game-changer in group interactions. Whether it’s a group of friends considering a joint purchase or a family exploring car options, our IFPDs facilitate and foster an interactive and collaborative experience. 


Interactive Whiteboard

Our Digital Displays come integrated with an interactive whiteboard feature. Thus, they can be used as a dynamic presentation tool. In the automotive industry, sales representatives can make use of the interactive whiteboard for the following purposes:

  • Actively engaging with customers
  • Highlighting specific car features
  • Drawing comparisons between models
  • Illustrating financing options, and so on. 

All of this can be done in real-time. This way, grasping customer attention also becomes easier, and chances of sales increase too. 


Seamless Integration

One of the most fantastic features of our Interactive Panels is that they allow seamless integration with a business’s existing database. This feature can help assure automotive dealers that the information displayed on our IFPDs is up-to-date. From car specifications to pricing to other details, all aspects can be displayed without any manual intervention. 

In short, using our IFPDs, automotive dealers can ascertain that their customers always have access only to the latest data. 



When people purchase electronic devices, they often consider durability one of the deciding factors. We deal in electronic devices and understand this requirement. Thus, our experts design the Interactive Flat Panel Displays, keeping longevity in mind. They are built to withstand the hassles of a busy showroom environment. 

The screens of our Interactive Panels are resistant to aspects like 

  • Daily wear and tear 
  • Dust
  • Scratches
  • Smudges, etc.

This kind of build makes sure that our Digital Displays stay truly functional and pristine, even in a crowded environment. 


Gesture Recognition

Unlike traditional displays, modern IFPDs are more functional. Our devices not only respond to touch but also certain gestures. They are capable of swiftly detecting and responding to specific hand movements. This functionality enables users to do the following with utmost ease:  

  • Navigate through car models
  • Zoom into intricate details
  • Rotate vehicles for a comprehensive view, and so on.

This gesture-based interaction gives customers a feeling of real-world exploration. Our IFPDs can make the digital browsing experience more intuitive and tactile. 


3D Visualization

The power of 3D visualization can’t be ignored or understated in the automotive industry. Our IFPDs offer seamless integration with various software. The advanced 3D capabilities of our IFPDs help render vehicles in three dimensions. Such lifelike representations allow your customers to take a virtual look at the car, walk through it, and inspect it all from every angle. This 360-degree view replicates the actual experience of physically inspecting a car. 

Thus, the 3D capabilities of our IFPDs offer potential buyers a holistic view of the vehicle, as they would likely get in a physical showroom.


Adaptive Brightness and Color

Ambient lighting can vary from one showroom to the other. Factors like the bright glare of the midday sun and softer evening hues affect the lighting conditions of electronic devices. Keeping this in mind, our IFPDs are equipped with Anti-glare screens and adaptive ambient lighting technology. They intelligently adapt to changing lighting conditions and provide optimal visibility. 

They automatically adjust their color calibration and brightness during a bright sunny day or even a dim evening. Our IFPDs ascertain that regardless of external conditions, the content displayed always remains clear, vivid, and, most importantly – easy on the eyes.


Customizable User Profiles

Buying a vehicle is purely and deeply personal. We recognize the significance of such emotions. Thus, our Interactive Panels offer customizable interface functionality. On our IFPDs, users can not only create but also save individual profiles. These profiles can store past searches, preferences, customized configurations, etc. 

In cases where customers return, they wouldn’t need to re-explore certain aspects again. They will be greeted with a tailored experience. They can pick up right where they left off. This way, our IFPDs can play a significant role in enhancing their overall buying process, making it more personal and efficient. 


Real-time Collaboration 

Smooth collaboration between sales representatives and customers is paramount in the automotive industry. To nurture the same, our Interactive Flat Panel Displays are equipped with real-time collaboration capabilities. The dynamic nature of our IFPDs allows both parties to do the following with utmost ease:

  • Discuss different aspects of the vehicle
  • Explore the features
  • Explore colors, design, accessory add-ons
  • Discuss financing options, and so on. 

The cherry on the cake is that all of this can be executed by making annotations in real time. Both parties get to select and change things directly on the display. By creating an interactive dialogue environment, automotive dealers can 

  • Provide clarity
  • Reduce misunderstandings and
  • Streamline the decision-making journey


Reasons Why Automotive Businesses Should Invest in Trueview Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Interactive Flat Panel Displays


Enhanced Customer Experience

Our IFPDs can help automotive dealers set up a virtual showroom environment. Such spaces provide an immersive, unique experience to customers. Our Digital Displays allow your customers to explore a wide range of vehicle models without physical visits. In the digitally woke world, such spaces are the ones that will attract more people. 



Automotive dealers know that setting up and maintaining physical cars in their showrooms may incur hefty costs. Well, what if we say that our IFPDs can help significantly cut down those costs? By creating virtual showrooms, you can effortlessly showcase your entire fleet of vehicles – without worrying about the associated overheads. 


Space Optimization

Using our Interactive Panels, automotive businesses can create spaces that not only attract customers but also keep them engaged, eventually leading to a possible sale. Let us tell you what perks our IFPDs offer when it boils down to space optimization. Automotive dealers can

  • Utilize their showroom space more efficiently
  • Dedicate areas for customer lounges
  • Dedicate areas for consultation zones and do much more.


Up-to-date Information

One of the most amazing and feasible features of our IFPDs is that they can be updated in real time. The automotive industry is dynamic; prices and other factors keep changing rapidly. To tackle such scenarios, our IFPDs can be set up to display up-to-date information. This way, your representatives, as well as customers, will always have access to the latest information on models, features, promotions, etc. 


Interactive Customization

This feature can set your automotive business apart from your competitors. Our IFPDs offer various customization options that can keep your customers engaged and enthralled. On our IFPDs, they can customize vehicles in real-time. Yes, you’ve read that right. You can give your potential customers the freedom to modify different aspects of their likable vehicle. From choosing interior finishes to selecting paint colors, they can alter it all. 

By doing so, you can achieve the following feats:

  • Help customers visualize their dream car
  • Showcase how different features affect the final price
  • Provide a tailored buying experience to your customers


Increased Inventory Display

It’s not necessary that all the vehicles that you offer can be placed in your showrooms. We understand that often, space limits the number of vehicles your outlet can exhibit. Our IFPDs can be of great help on this front as well. The digital, real-life-like display of all your vehicles, including different models, can curb the inventory showcase constraint. The dynamic features of our IFPDs help you offer your potential buyers a broader digital vehicle selection range, including various 

  • Trims
  • Editions
  • Concept cars, etc. 


Reduced Maintenance

Don’t the physical cars in your showrooms often require regular cleaning, maintenance, or even occasional repairs? We understand that keeping them in pristine condition is crucial. But what if you can eliminate such recurring tasks? As already highlighted, our IFPDs can help you set up an extravagant virtual showroom space. By doing so, you can not only reduce the maintenance hassles but also save both time and resources for your automotive business. 


Enhanced Training Tool

Our Touchscreen Displays are not merely meant to elevate your potential customer’s experience. They can prove to be really useful, invaluable tools for training your staff, especially the backbone of your business – the sales executives. Our IFPDs can be fed with the required training data. The visual formats can enhance the overall training experience.

Familiarizing new hires with your operations and other aspects becomes super convenient on our IFPDs. They can easily do the following:

  • Explore car ranges and their models
  • Get to know vehicle features
  • Learn selling points through interactive modules, etc.

This way, the digital approach helps ensure your executives are well-trained and equipped to assist customers.


Eco-Friendly Approach

In the environmental work world, businesses of every size – big to small have started focusing on eco-friendly operations. Virtual showrooms can aid in curbing the carbon footprint associated with the transportation of multiple vehicles to and from showrooms. By using our IFPDs, you can do the following:

  • Create digital versions of your businesses 
  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices
  • Be appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers

To conclude, we say that the automotive industry is known for both – innovation and forward-thinking. Trueview Interactive Flat Panels Displays can help businesses in this industry to set new standards, modernize their operations and always be at the top of their game. Our IFPDs are not just meant to enhance the customer experience. They are also meant to pave the way for a cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable business model. 

As the automotive industry steers into the future, it’s evident that the fusion of technology will continue to drive it towards exciting horizons. So why wait? Be future-ready and embrace Trueview IFPDs!


About Trueview


Trueview is proudly leading the charge of producing the best Interactive Flat Panel Displays in India, specifically tailored for the automotive industry. With a precise understanding of the automotive landscape, our experts ensure that every feature of our IFPDs helps automotive dealers enhance the car-buying experience. From UHD resolution and gesture recognition to immersive 3D visualizations and real-time customization tools – our IFPDs offer it all. 

As the automotive world shifts gears toward a more digital future, our IFPDs aim to ensure that your dealerships don’t just keep pace but also set trends. Ready to elevate your showroom experience? Reach out to us today!

Amplify Every Nuance of your Customer’s Car Exploration Journey. Do it with Trueview IFPDs!




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