Interactive Panels

Interactive Panels – Unveiling the Potential of the Latest Technology in Learning

In today’s ever-growing digital world, technology continues to revolutionize and elevate various aspects of our lives. With the rapid advent of technology, teaching and learning methods in schools have also changed a lot. Back in the time, blackboards and whiteboards were the sole medium for annotating things and educating kids. Then came the projectors. But now, Interactive Panels are on the rise. Traditional whiteboards and chalkboards have been replaced with digital boards. IFPDs have truly transformed classrooms into engaging and dynamic learning environments. 

Trueview has the best range of interactive panels in India – the best solution for educational institutes. Our Interactive Flat Panel Display powered with Android 11 can enhance the educational experience for both – teachers and students. They are designed to elevate learning environments in educational settings. Made with cutting-edge technology, our smart panels offer a host of features that can enhance interactivity, collaboration, and overall learning outcomes. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how interactive panels can transform the way teachers teach and students learn. Let’s together delve into the world of IFPDs and explore the potential of the latest technology in learning. 


Trueview Interactive Flat Panel Display – The Revolutionary Game-changer of Modern Education System 

Interactive Panels

With our Interactive Flat Panel Displays, educational institutes can create an inclusive learning environment for all students. Let us tell you how. Keep reading!


Engaging Visual Experience

Trueview Interactive Flat Panels are made to provide a visually immersive experience and captivate learners of all ages. The large, high-definition screen of our IFPDs bring educational content to life. Colorful graphics, interactive elements, videos, etc., not only grabs students’ attention but also helps them stay more attentive and motivated throughout the lessons.

Our Interactive Flat Panel Displays come with an intuitive user interface. This enables teachers and students to seamlessly interact with each other on lesson content in the classrooms or even any other location. They also help foster creativity and enhance student-teacher engagement. 

Powered with fantastic, engaging visual capabilities, our IFPDs make learning environments more appealing and engaging. 


Enhanced Interactivity 

Unlike traditional blackboards and whiteboards, Trueview smart panels offer advanced touchscreen capabilities. Our IFPDs allow students and teachers to interact with the content in real-time with gestures, touch, etc. The touch-sensitive display surface enables users to draw, write, annotate, and even manipulate objects on the screen. 

The revolutionary technology used in Trueview IFPD offers advanced interactive capabilities like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Autocorrect drawn shapes, etc. With the high-resolution touch screen, you can also

  • Effortlessly navigate through content 
  • Interact with multimedia elements
  • Zoom in and out and do a lot more 

Such a hands-on approach allows students and teachers to interact with the content directly – nurturing active participation and fostering collaboration. Trueview interactive panels not only enhance the learning experience but also encourage students to explore concepts in a more fun, engaging, and memorable way.

Seamless Integration of Multimedia

Trueview Interactive Flat Panels enable users to integrate multimedia resources into the learning process seamlessly. Teachers can easily incorporate educational videos, interactive simulations, and animations. They can also create a truly interactive and collaborative experience for students by playing videos from the internet. On our IFPDs, transforming abstract learning concepts into tangible experiences is super easy. 

The smart integration with various multimedia elements on our interactive panels cater to different learning styles while promoting a deeper understanding of the subject matter. 

Collaborative Learning

Interactive Panels

One of the most significant advantages of Trueview smart panels is their ability to facilitate collaborative learning. Our interactive panels support multi-touch functionality, enabling several students to interact with the displayed learning content simultaneously. 

Thus, with our Flat Interactive Displays, students can smoothly brainstorm ideas, solve problems, and work together on group projects in real-time. Such features foster communication, critical thinking, and communication skills, which are vital for 21st-century students. 

Versatility and Accessibility

Trueview Interactive Flat Panel Displays offer stable connectivity with multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. Teachers can easily connect these devices to the display – enabling screen mirroring and easy content sharing. Our interactive panels are also compatible with various software, including WPS Office Suite, and features like handwriting recognition, screen recording, and other useful teaching tools. 

Additionally, our smart panels come with built-in accessibility features – accommodating the diverse learning needs of students. These features include magnification and color contrast adjustments. The benefits of the anti glare screen of interactive displays include

  • Reduced eyestrain
  • Reduced direct and ambient light
  • Reduced visible dust and grease
  • Reduced fingerprints and smudge

Enhanced Teacher Productivity

Often Interactive Flat Panel Displays are considered beneficial just for the students. However, educational institutes must not overlook that smart panels can prove to be empowering for the teaching staff as well. 

Trueview interactive panels accompany an intuitive user interface. They are preloaded with useful teaching tools – making it easier for teachers to organize, create, and deliver content. Our interactive panels are equipped with smart search options to aid teachers in finding useful resources from the internet. 

Our IFPDs also enable teachers to access a vast array of educational resources at their fingertips. Such resources include

  • Lesson plans
  • Educational apps
  • Digital textbooks, etc. 

These functionalities reduce administrative tasks, help teachers streamline lesson preparation, and also focus more on individual student needs.

Other Powerful Features of Trueview Interactive Flat Panel Displays

  • 4k UHD Resolution 
  • 178° Viewing Angle
  • 2 x 20W Speakers
  • Type-C Port
  • 450 nits Brightness
  • Anti Glare Screen
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Screen Recorder
  • 8 MOHS Toughened Glass
  • 60000 Hours Screen Life
  • 20 Point Multi-Touch Remote Access
  • 1 mm Writing Height
  • Screen Annotation
  • Built-in Google Play Store
  • App and Tool Lock 
  • Split Screen for Multi-Tasking 
  • Advanced White Board (Regular Pen, Writing Brush, Pattern Recognition, Table Insertion, Mind Map, etc.)


Interactive Flat Panel Displays have truly revolutionized the way education is delivered. They offer an interactive and dynamic learning experience. With enhanced interactivity, engaging visual experience, and collaborative capabilities, Trueview IFPDs can promote active student-teacher participation, thus improving learning outcomes. 

Embracing Trueview’s latest technology in learning will undoubtedly become a step toward a more engaging and brighter future for your educational institute. So wait no more; equip your teachers and students with an innovation meant to brighten their future! 

About Trueview 

Trueview has been a pioneer in manufacturing Display Products in India. We adhere to the Make In India Initiative and have successfully delivered our Interactive Flat Panel Displays to multiple educational institutes to date. The accessibility and productivity-enhancing features of our IFPDs further add to their appeal. 

Our advanced Interactive Panel for Education sector provides unparalleled versatility and is meant to adapt to the needs of every educational setting. With the ground-breaking Spilt Screen and advanced White Board features, revolutionize the way you collaborate, present, and engage with educational content. 

The teaching staff also gets complete freedom to choose the required apps and features with the split screen. Additionally, reviewing PDF files and spreadsheets gets super convenient with this unique feature. With smart whiteboard, they can explain complex concepts effortlessly using annotations. The content-sharing experience is also easy and intuitive.

As technology continues to advance, interactive panels will likely be at the forefront of educational innovation. They hold the power to transform traditional classrooms into interactive hubs of knowledge and creativity. With Trueview Interactive Panels, you can do the same. 

Experience the power of multitasking, unparalleled versatility, and intuitive usability all in one exceptional display. 

Contact us today to know more about our range of Interactive Flat Panel Displays. We’re at your service, always!

Say Yes to Limitless Features and Endless Possibilities; Say Yes to Trueview! 

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