Interactive Flat Panel Display

How Interactive Flat Panel Display can elevate your Video Conferencing Experience

Digital technology has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other. Every sector has benefited because of the digital transformation. The ease and accessibility of high-speed internet have made it all possible. Nowadays, meetings don’t necessarily need expensive business trips or even face-to-face discussions. Business meeting experience can now be simply elevated with smart tech. With an Interactive Flat Panel Display, any meeting can be turned into a video conference.

Collaborating, discussing, and making important business decisions is easier than ever. You can do everything in the comfort of your workspace. A smart panel adds aesthetic value to your office space. How? Well, the answer is straightforward. You can easily accomplish many tasks – analyze reports, brainstorm concepts, discuss roadmaps, etc. The availability of a smart panel helps in the effortless sharing of important information and connects people.

Trueview has been trusted by thousands of Indians when it comes to choosing an Interactive Flat Panel Display. If you are planning to purchase one, you can learn more about Trueview’s interactive panels here.

Trueview’s Interactive Flat Panel Display Features

Trueview has been known for its dynamic interactive panels throughout India. Team Trueview always strives to do better and come up with the best products for our customers. Trueview’s Interactive Flat Panel Display is now powered by the Android 11 operating system. No other brand in India has an Interactive Flat Panel with this feature yet. Here are some other fantastic features of Trueview’s Interactive Flat Panel

– 4K resolution

– 450 nits brightness

– Built-in White Board APK

– 3mm anti-scratch protective glass

– Password / Pattern Lock protection

– Built-in Google Playstore

– Front audio stereophonic speaker (2×20 Watts)

– Infrared touch technology for rich writing experience

– 20 points touch, <5~8ms response

– Multiple signal input (HDMI, VGA, Video, etc.)

– Operating System: Android, Windows, Linux

Trueview’s Interactive Panels also have a wide viewing angle of 178°. The vision will always be crystal clear regardless of where the members sit in a conference room. The vibrant colors will enhance the user experience. Juggling a lot of data at any given point will also be seamless. The RAM storage options that Trueview offers are 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, and 8GB. While the storage options are – 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB. You can select an Interactive Flat Panel Display depending on the size of your conference room.

You can choose from multiple sizes to suit your needs – 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″ and 98”. All our interactive panels support APK installation and have industrial-grade aluminum frames.

Now that you know the features of Trueview’s interactive panels let’s proceed ahead. It’s time to learn how you can elevate your business video conferencing experience using interactive panels.

Elevating Video Conferencing Experience with Trueview’s Interactive Flat Panel Display

If we precisely talk about the benefits of installing an Interactive Flat Panel, the list will keep getting longer. Things on a bigger screen look good and interesting, right? Here is how you can elevate your video conferencing experience with Trueview’s Interactive Flat Panel Display.

No set-up Hassle – Start Instant Meetings

Modern meeting rooms have tapped into the dynamic possibilities of maintaining a great workplace environment. Now one does not need to go through complicated preparations before starting a meeting. You do not need to worry about not finding things when you need them. With Trueview’s smart panel range, you can always be meeting-ready. No prior device set-up is required. No cabling clutter is necessary. The built-in advanced software lets you start video conference meetings instantly and control things effortlessly.

Perfect for Fostering Interactive Collaborations

The more people collaborate and share ideas, the more your business grows. Team collaboration is the key to unlocking many innovative ideas. In a video conference meeting, interactive collaboration plays an important role.

Sharing information, screen recording, and taking screen snapshots – all is possible on Trueview’s Flat Interactive Display. Even if your team is geographically scattered, the inflow of useful suggestions doesn’t stop.

Say yes to higher engagement levels; say yes to Trueview’s smart panel.

Elevated and Engaging Presentations

There used to be a time when standard presentations would do the required work. But those days are long gone. Trueview’s Interactive Flat Panel Display will make your presentations more effective. The built-in software and user-friendly interface will make your meeting space more engaging and lively. The smart touch technology and seamless control give more confidence to the presenters. During video conference meetings, multiple people can cast useful documents at the same time. No cabling is required to get the tasks completed.

Say yes to intelligent teamwork; say yes to Trueview’s Interactive Flat Panel Display.

Superb Clarity and Smooth Information Flow

Better the clarity, the better is everyone’s focus. Trueview’s Interactive Flat Panel has a 4K display. The lucid, vibrant colors increase the readability and make things more noticeable and distinguishable.

Optimum time utilization is an important aspect of any meeting/video conference. Trueview’s smart panel will help increase your team’s productivity levels. With easy-to-use functions, people can effortlessly manage everything. No lags, just more time saved. Controlling things and maintaining a systematic flow of information is also very simple. Presenters can display information from the internet or even internal storage. Important data can be distributed among people in an instant.

Say yes to seamless information flow; say yes to Trueview’s IFPDs.

Wireless Projection and Connection through Multiple Devices

Setting up Trueview’s IFPDs for a conference meeting is very simple. You don’t have to go through the complex cabling procedure. Multiple devices can be connected with input ports like HDMI, USB, VGA, etc. This further ensures better and stable connectivity. Whoever is present in the video conference can even share audio-video content. Multi-screen casting can be used to convey important information. Inclusive participation will only lead to great decisions that will help your business prosper.

Say no to cord hassle; say yes to Trueview’s range of Smart IFPDs.

The above are some ways that can elevate your video conferencing experience. Trueview offers the best Interactive Flat Panel price in India. Connect with Trueview’s team today to get an IFPD that suits all your requirements.

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