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Non-Solar vs Solar CCTV Camera – Which Option is Right for Your Security Needs?

CCTV Cameras in today’s surveillance-conscious world have become one of the most crucial facets of effective monitoring strategy. However, the type of CCTV Camera you choose for your space determines how effective your safety strategy will be. In recent years, the Solar CCTV Camera range has become quite popular due to its effectiveness and sustainability features. Whereas, the Non-Solar Camera range has its own share of benefits and limitations. Taking everything into consideration, Trueview has products catering to both customer segments. However, it is essential for you to understand everything associated with these options to make an informed decision. 

Today, we are here to help you select the right CCTV Camera that caters to your needs just right. By understanding the benefits, limitations, and comparison between both camera types, you can ensure safety without compromising efficiency. So, let’s get going and know the facets of both – a Non-Solar Camera and a CCTV Camera with Solar Panel

What is a Non-Solar CCTV Camera? 

Solar CCTV Camera

A Non-Solar Camera, also known as a traditional CCTV Camera, is a security device that relies on conventional power and not on solar power for its operation. These cameras are typically powered by electricity and connected to a network for data transmission. They come equipped with various features to enhance their performance and functionality.

These cameras are typically connected to a power outlet or a dedicated power supply system. As for network transmission, Non-solar Cameras often use Ethernet or Wi-Fi to transmit data to monitoring stations or storage devices. They are perfect for urban and suburban settings.

Trueview Non-Solar CCTV Camera range includes one of the most efficient surveillance devices that can help safeguard your assets and loved ones. Here are the best Trueview Non-Solar Cameras that you must invest in.

  • Smart 4G 3MP Cube Camera
  • Smart 4G 3MP Dome Camera
  • Smart 4G 3 MP Bullet Camera
  • Smart 4G+Wi-Fi 3MP Robot Pan-Tilt Camera
  • Smart 4G 3MP Mini Pan-Tilt Camera
  • Smart 4G 4MP Dual Lens Pan-Tilt Camera
  • Smart 4G Linkage 2+2MP Pan-Tilt Camera
  • Smart 4G 3MP Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

That’s not it; we have many more CCTV Cameras that can perfectly align with your surveillance needs. Explore the exclusive range here.


What is a Solar CCTV Camera? 

Solar CCTV Camera

A Solar CCTV Camera is a surveillance camera powered by renewable energy, specifically solar power. Unlike traditional non-solar cameras, which rely on electricity from the grid, a Solar Powered CCTV Camera uses solar panels to convert the sun’s light into electrical energy. This allows them to operate independently without the need for external power sources, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly option for safeguarding your spaces.

This camera type has gained massive popularity in recent years. By harnessing the power of the sun, a CCTV Camera with Solar Panel reduces reliance on non-renewable sources. This further helps mitigate environmental impact and promote sustainability. 

Keeping environmental concerns and innovation in mind, the experts at Trueview design and manufacture Solar Powered Cameras that leave no stone unturned when it comes to eco-friendly surveillance. Here is the range of Solar CCTV Cameras offered by Trueview: 

  • Smart 4G 4MP Solar Bullet Camera
  • Smart 4G 4 MP Solar Mini Pan-Tilt Camera
  • Smart 4G 3MP Solar Dual Lens Mini Pan-Tilt Camera

We also provide Solar Power Supply Systems; below are the variations: 

  • CCTV Solar Power System with 40W Solar Panel
  • CCTV Solar Power System with 75W Solar Panel


Comparison Between Non-Solar and Solar Powered CCTV Camera Range

Cost Savings

Solar Powered Cameras harness renewable energy, reducing or even eliminating the need for electricity from the grid. This leads to substantial long-term savings on energy bills, especially for outdoor surveillance systems that require continuous operation. On the other hand, Non-solar Cameras rely solely on electricity, which can be costly over time.


Non-solar Cameras require a direct power source, which means additional wiring and infrastructure are necessary. Whereas a CCTV Camera with Solar Panel offers more flexibility in terms of placement. They can be seamlessly installed in remote locations without access to conventional power sources. Solar Camera installation may require careful planning to optimise solar exposure and ensure efficient performance.


Both Non-solar and Solar CCTV Cameras provide reliable surveillance. Non-solar Cameras offer higher resolution and advanced features such as facial recognition. Solar Cameras have the advantage of wireless monitoring capabilities, making them more convenient to set up and maintain. However, you must always evaluate the resolution, image sensor, lens quality, and other specifications of both types and settle for the one that fulfils your security needs. 


Non-Solar Camera tends to require timely maintenance due to its connectivity with electrical systems. Whereas, a Solar CCTV Camera has low maintenance requirements in sunny areas. However, it needs periodic cleaning and battery replacement.

Security Vulnerabilities

Solar Cameras operate using sunlight, reducing power costs and environmental impact. The efficient placement of these cameras is crucial to ensure that they get adequate sunlight. This encourages innovative installation approaches, optimising both solar exposure and security angles. 

To overcome challenges like overcast weather or nighttime functioning, battery backups can be integrated to store excess power. This setup maximises the solar panel’s effectiveness and improves surveillance reliability. Non-solar Cameras, on the other hand, may be hindered by unexpected power cuts but can be backed up by a battery for uninterrupted functioning. 


Factors Non-solar Camera Solar CCTV Camera
Cost Low initial costs but additional costs may arise due to wiring and power supply. High initial cost but reduces electrical expenditure in the long term.
Installation Requires professional intervention due to complex wiring systems. No professional intervention is needed. Easy installation procedure with no external power requirement.
Maintenance Regular maintenance is required. Low maintenance but requires periodic cleaning.
Performance High performance in areas with consistent power supply. However, a power cut may restrict its performance unless supported by the battery. High performance in areas with consistent sunlight. Less reliable in low sunlight areas unless backed by a high-powered battery.
Reliability Efficient and reliable with a stable electric supply. Performance may be affected by the changes in weather conditions.


Final Words – Choose the Best CCTV for Your Needs

Both CCTV Camera types have advantages and disadvantages; therefore, it is necessary to understand each point in detail. Don’t forget to analyse factors such as location, video quality, cost, installation process, etc. When it comes to performance, both a Solar CCTV Camera and a Non-solar CCTV Camera provide reliable surveillance. Non-solar Cameras offer higher resolution and advanced features, which can be beneficial in certain scenarios. However, a Solar Powered CCTV Camera has the advantage of wireless monitoring capabilities, making it more convenient to set up and maintain. 

When it comes to choosing the right CCTV Camera for your security needs, choose Trueview. Our advanced devices reduce most of your surveillance worries and ultimately become your ally, safeguarding what matters the most to you at all costs. When choosing the best CCTV Camera for your needs, consider all the aspects mentioned in the article. This will help you keep track of your requirements and which type of camera best meets them. 

If you are still confused, contact us and let our team help you find the best surveillance solutions!


About Trueview 


Trueview is a testament to modern surveillance solutions with a seamless blend of technology and transformation. Our Solar and Non-solar CCTV Cameras serve as reliable devices in the modern security realm. With innovative and advanced features, our cameras stand amongst India’s most efficient CCTV Systems. 

We are committed to delivering the best surveillance products in India. Say yes to a reliable and efficient security solution. Get your hands on Trueview CCTV Cameras today! 

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