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Beyond the Canvas – Interactive Panels in the Art and Creative Industries

We live in a world where technological advancements are on the rise. Here, the boundaries between the real and the digital world are becoming more indistinct. This fusion is marked by various tools that are redefining the paradigms of creativity. Among such radical innovations, Interactive Panels (IFPDs) have emerged at the top. They stand out as a beacon in the art and creative industry. How? Well, artists are no longer tethered to the limitations of paint, brush, and paper. IFPDs act as a canvas. 

Let us tell you, these devices are no ordinary canvas. They capture the essence of an artist’s imagination and even expand its horizons. These Digital Displays offer them versatility and fluidity that they could have only dreamt of. IFPDs are breaking the traditional boundaries and helping the art and creative industries embrace the transformative shift.

Today, we will tell you how Trueview IFPDs are making the tangible experience of art-making meet the limitless potential of digital technology. So, let’s get started and learn how our IFPDs can propel the art and creative industries into a future brimming with uncharted possibilities.


Fantastic Technical Features of Trueview Interactive Panels for the Creative and Art Industries

Interactive Panels


1] Ultra-high Resolution

When it boils down to digital artistry, presenting an artwork with utmost precision and clarity is really important. It can make a huge difference in how people perceive it. One of the primary requirements that our Interactive Flat Panel Displays fulfill is providing ultra-high resolution. The 4K UHD screens of our IFPDs ensure that every minute detail gets highlighted. From the tiniest pixel to the finest brushstroke, all is rendered with impeccable clarity.

This feature is really crucial for artists. We understand that they pour their soul and heart into each of their creations. Thus, our IFPDs are designed to ensure the following:

  • The subtlety of an artist’s work is captured and presented just as they envisioned
  • The intricate patterns of the design are highlighted clearly
  • The subtle gradation of colors stays vibrant and presented as they are

In short, the Ultra-High Resolution of our Interactive Panels guarantees to provide viewers with the most vibrant and authentic presentation of the artwork. They leave no room for compromise in visual fidelity.


2] Multi-Touch Capability

Often, artists collaborate to create masterpieces. In such scenarios, the multi-touch capability of our Interactive Flat Panel Displays can come in very handy. This feature is a testament to the collaborative spirit existing in the art and creative world. Our IFPDs go beyond the conventional single-touch of traditional displays. They come equipped with 20-point multi-touch capability. This gives multiple users the power to simultaneously engage with the display.

Our Digital Displays are canvases where two or more artists can design, sketch, or even paint at the same time. Each of them gets to contribute their unique style and perspective. Such aspects do the following:

  • Foster a sense of teamwork
  • Bring about a fusion of ideas
  • Lead to richer and more diverse artistic outcomes, etc.

The Multi-Touch Capability of our Interactive Flat Panel Displays is more than a technical feature. It’s a bridge that connects creative minds. This feature enables artists of different caliber to collaborate and explore the vast expanse of artistic possibilities.


3] Precision Dual-Point Stylus Technology

One of the most critical aspects of traditional artistry is the capability of being able to vary the weight of a pencil or brush stroke. By balancing this, artists create texture, depth, and emotion in a piece. Well, to give them all what they have been used to, we offer a Dual-Point Stylus Pen that can be used on our IFPDs. This pen replicates the traditional tactile experience in the digital realm. The tips of these pens can be customized for thickness and color variations

These are meant to help artists control the varying brushstroke thicknesses and their effects on the screen. For instance, by using one tip, they can produce a delicate, faint line. On the contrary, the other tip will produce a dynamic, bold stroke. Such a level of precision allows them do the following:

  • Imitate the feel of using real pens, brushes, or charcoal
  • Grants them a level of control essential for detailed artwork
  • Enable them to explore and experiment with dynamism and depth, etc. 

The utility of our Dual-Point Stylus Pens goes way beyond just replicating 

traditional techniques, opening the door to new artistic expressions unimagined previously.


4] Low Latency with Zero Bonding Panel

When it boils down to digital artistry, the immediacy of interaction between the canvas and the artist is very important. Our IFPDs are powered with low latency. This feature assures that there is no virtual delay between the following

  • The stylus movement 
  • The artist’s touch
  • The corresponding visual feedback on the display

This feature makes digital painting or drawing feel as natural and intuitive as using traditional tools like pencils, charcoals, brushes, etc. 

Complementing this feature is our zero-bonding panel technology. Let us tell you what this feature does. Have a look below. 

  • It’s meant to eliminate the air gap between the display panel and the touch sensor
  • It enhances visual clarity
  • It reduces response time
  • It ensures that every detail – stroke, shade is instantly captured with pinpoint accuracy

This way, our Interactive Flat Panel Displays provide a seamless and immersive drawing experience. They give artists the freedom to lose themselves in their creative process – as they would like. Our IFPDs ensure that there are no technological barriers hindering their artistic flow. 


5] Wide Color Gamut 

Color is the soul and heart of the artistic world. They help artists set moods, convey emotions, and bring visions to life. To make sure that all the colors appear vibrant and as they are, our IFPDs come equipped with a Wide Color Gamut Feature. It can prove to be a game-changer for designers and artists alike. They are meant to offer a spectrum of colors that surpass the ordinary. The broad range of colors in our IFPDs also ensures that every shade, tint, and hue is represented with unparalleled accuracy. 

This feature aims to capture the true essence of every artist’s intent. Whether it’s the subtle pastels of a spring morning, the deep blues of a twilight sky, or even the fiery reds of a sunset – our IFPDs ensure that every color is rendered with exceptional fidelity and vibrancy. For artists, having such a wide range of color options is paramount because

  • They get the freedom to express and explore without limitations
  • They get to create artworks that are visually stunning as well as emotionally resonant

In short, The Wide Color Gamut feature of our IFPDs transforms the digital canvas into a world where the most vivid colors come to life.


6] Gesture Control

Our Touchscreen Displays are powered with an intuitive Gesture Control feature. This functionality offers artists with the following perks:

  • Helps them execute commands through simple hand movements on the screen
  • Enables them to zoom, rotate, and navigate through their work with natural motion
  • Streamlines the creative process and keeps the flow as uninterrupted as possible
  • Adds a layer of interactivity that is both efficient and modern. etc. 

This feature can prove to be really useful for artists working on extensive pieces. 


7] Palm Rejection

When any artist draws or writes, they tend to rest their palm on the canvas. It’s a natural inclination. Well, on a digital canvas, doing so out of habit can leave unintended marks or disruptions. To avoid such instances from happening, our IFPDs come equipped with the Palm Rejection Technology. Our Digital Displays only recognize and prioritize the stylus input. This way, artists can do the following effortlessly:

  • Work comfortably
  • Rest their hand on the screen without worrying about spoiling their artwork
  • Keep their artwork devoid of accidental marks or changes 

This feature of our Touchscreen Displays is meant to ensure that for artists, the digital drawing experience remains as hassle-free and natural as possible.


8] Durable, Anti-Glare Surface

When it’s about using any tool, people look for both aspects – longevity and performance. We understand this and, hence, work on providing a reliable digital canvas. To make sure that our devices withstand the rigors of daily use, our IFPDs are built using 8MOHS Toughened Glass. 

Moreover, the advanced anti-glare technology adds a feather to the cap. This feature ensures that factors like bright light or reflections don’t hinder the viewing experience of the artists. Whether they choose to work near a sunny window or the bright lights of a studio, they will always have a comfortable drawing experience, free from distractions.


9] Customizable Hotkeys

It’s no secret that the world of digital art and design operates at a rapid pace. In such scenarios, efficiency is key. To make sure that artists have a hassle-free experience while creating their masterpieces, our IFPDs boast Customizable Hotkeys. This feature can prove to be really helpful for professionals in the art and creative industries. Our IFPDs give artists complete freedom to tailor their workspace according to their preferences. The customizable hotkeys on our devices can help artists in the following ways:

  • Provide instant access to frequently used tools and functions
  • Create shortcuts to instantly access the required resources instead of navigating through menus
  • Streamline the creative process
  • Focus more on their craft 
  • Maintain an uninterrupted workflow
  • Maximize their overall productivity, etc. 


10] Flexible Connectivity

Today’s digitally evolved generation expects to have seamless device and software integration. To ensure that artists get to easily connect their devices to the display and vice versa, our IFPDs offer flexible connectivity options. They can be easily integrated with desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. 

Moreover, elevating this compatibility is the wide range of software integration on our IFPDs. This aspect truly expands the horizon of creative possibilities. From digital painting to 3D modeling, artists can do it all on our IFPDs. This level of flexibility and connectivity not only empowers artists to collaborate but also share their work effortlessly.

Interactive Panels


Benefits and Use Cases of Trueview Digital Displays in the Creative and Art Industries

1] Digital Art Creation

IFPDs are revolutionizing the world of artistry. These Digital Displays are meant to help artists evolve with modern times and trends. IFPDs offer them the chance to transition from sketching to digital painting. This digital transformation not only eliminates the mess and constraints of traditional mediums but also provides an efficient and clean creative process.


2] Collaborative Murals

As our IFPDs are capable of facilitating real-time collaboration, multiple artists can effortlessly co-create expansive murals. This level of synergy and combined talents can result in captivating and diverse large-scale artworks.


3] 3D Modeling and Sculpting

Using our IFPDs, artists can explore the 3D world. These Digital Displays offer artists more precision in creating their masterpieces. This technology not only breathes life into sculptures but also makes them virtually tactile. 


4] Animation and Storyboarding

The seamless interface of our IFPDs can help Animators do the following:

  • Effortlessly sketch out scenes
  • Precisely animate movements
  • Smoothly make  edits 

This way, with our IFPDs, artists can streamline the entire animation process, eliminating the complexity. 


5] Fashion and Textile Design

Our IFPDs can serve as a dynamic canvas for designers. They allow them to play with textures, patterns, and hues. They provide them with an interactive platform that not only fosters experimentation but also innovation in design.


6] Graphic Design

Our IFPDs can help Graphic Designers craft fantastic visuals, logos, promotional materials, etc. The intuitive interface of our Touchscreen Displays ensures that designs created by them are consistent, sharp, and impactful.


7] Digital Calligraphy and Typography

Our IFPDs can be used by Calligraphers and Typographers, too. These devices are meant to help such talented people refine their craft. Practicing strokes and styles is like a breeze on our IFPDs. The inbuilt tools also offer an array of tools that mimic the finesse of traditional lettering with added flexibility.


8] Photo Editing and Retouching

Photographers can use our IFPDs for the following purposes:

  • Fine-tuning images
  • Adjusting colors
  • Fixing lighting and other intricate details. 

This level of precision helps Photographers enhance every photo to its maximum potential.

To conclude, we say that Interactive Panels are not merely tools. They are gateways to infinite creative possibilities. The art and creative industries will keep evolving, and this is not going to change anytime soon. If artists desire to be at the forefront of the creative industry, they must learn to evolve with time. IFPDs – the digital canvases can help artists push the boundaries and redefine what’s possible. 

The future of art is interactive, and Trueview IFPDs can make it more exciting than ever before! 


About Trueview


Trueview stands at the intersection of technology and art. Our team of experts aims to empower the art and creative industries. We understand the nuances of the art and creative industries and take pride in manufacturing IFPDs that act as a beacon of creativity for modern creators. 

Our IFPDs are meant to serve as tools that help artists redefine the boundaries of their imagination. Our experienced experts meticulously design state-of-the-art IFPDs to cater to the unique needs of designers and artists alike. Our Digital Displays are meant to ensure that every creative vision of every artist is captured in its most authentic and vibrant form. With our IFPDs, we wish to open a world where digital artistry unites with tactile intuition. 

Are you ready to elevate your artistic journey? Get in touch with us today and learn more about our Game-changing Interactive Panels.  

Experience the Future of Creative Expression, Choose Trueview IFPDS!

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