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Interactive Panels in the Era of Hybrid Events and Conferences – Revolutionizing Engagement and Productivity

The evolved events and conference landscape demand innovative technology solutions. The transition to hybrid events, where physical as well as virtual audiences get to interact seamlessly, has reshaped the way we connect, collaborate, and learn. In this transformation, Interactive Panels have emerged at the top. These cutting-edge devices are not just another piece of tech; they are the game-changers. They can empower presenters, participants, and organizers in ways previously unimagined. 

In this blog, we will be taking a closer look into fantastic technical features and other captivating elements of Trueview Smart Panels



Trueview Interactive Panels – How they Revolutionise and Elevate Hybrid Events and Conferences


Interactive Panels


Without further ado, let’s get going and know why our IFPDs are indispensable in the realm of highly evolved events and conferences. 


Immersive Visuals

Trueview Interactive Panels offer a visual experience that goes far beyond traditional displays. Our IFPDs are meant to create an immersive environment that not only captivates audiences but also keeps them engaged. Below is a more detailed look at what makes the visuals on our IFPDs stand out. 


1] High-Definition Resolution

Our Interactive Flat Panel Displays boast of a 4K UHD Resolution. They deliver an extremely detailed and sharp picture quality – surpassing the standard HD displays. Thus, on our IFPDs, audiences will always get a glimpse of stunningly clear visuals that showcase your content with utmost vividness and precision.


2] HDR (High Dynamic Range) Technology

Our Smart Panels support HDR technology. This function enhances the brightness and contrast levels in the displayed content. It implies that bright areas appear brighter and dark areas appear darker – resulting in a more captivating and realistic visual experience. The HDR feature is distinctly beneficial for showcasing multimedia content with rich color gradients.


3] Wide Color Gamut

Our Interactive Panels support a wide color gamut. This implies they are capable of reproducing a broader range of colors with perfect accuracy. This feature enhances the elements displayed on IFPD screens. Images and videos appear vibrant and true to life. Such aspects make our IFPDs perfect for showcasing graphics and other visually enticing data.


4] Smooth Motion Handling

Our IFPDs are equipped with a Zero Bonding Panel. Thus, they offer a high refresh rate, zero lags, and low response time. This functionality ensures that motion in animations and videos appears fluid and smooth. This factor can help you enhance presentations that include dynamic visuals like product demos, videos, animations, etc. 


5] Anti-Glare and Anti-Reflective Coatings

To improve visibility in different lighting conditions, our Interactive Panels are powered with anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings on their screens. These coatings minimise distracting glare and reflections. Thus, you can be rest assured that the displayed content is always legible and visible, even in brightly lit environments.

6] Large Screen Sizes

Our Digital Displays are available in various screen sizes to accommodate the needs of different event and conference environments. The larger the screens, the more immersive the experience will be. They enhance different settings by filling a viewer’s field of vision. Our IFPDs make the audience feel like they are right in the middle of the action. This is especially beneficial for large conferences and events where participants might be sitting at a distance from the screen.


7] Customisation Options 

Our IFPDs offer customization options for display settings. They allow presenters to fine-tune the visuals, suiting the content and environment. This level of versatility provides a surety that the displayed visuals are always optimised for the best viewing experience.

All the above aspects ensure that every presentation, product showcase, or keynote is visually stunning, captivates attendees, and holds their attention.


Touchscreen Interactivity

Our Smart Panels come equipped with interactive touch screen capabilities that transform passive viewing into engaging, dynamic experiences. Below is a comprehensive look at how the touchscreen interactivity of our IFPD works, along with its benefits. 


1] Multi-Touch Support

Our Interactive Panels support multi-touch functionality, up to 20 points (max – 40 points). This means they can easily recognise and respond to multiple touchpoints simultaneously – allowing for intuitive and natural interactions. Thus, our IFPDs provide users with a similar experience to using a smartphone or tablet. Users can also use gestures like swipe, tap, and pinch-to-zoom to interact with content.


2] Interactive Whiteboarding

Our Interactive Flat Panel Displays boast interactive whiteboard software. This feature turns our IFPD’s screen into a collaborative workspace. It allows participants to sketch diagrams, brainstorm ideas, or even solve problems together on the digital whiteboard. This functionality comes in handy for group discussions and other similar activities.


3] Real-Time Annotation

One of the standout features of our touchscreen displays is the ability to draw and annotate on the screen in real-time. This way, presenters can draw diagrams, underline important information, or highlight key points during presentations. This will not only help in making content visually appealing but also foster engagement.


4] Customisable Controls

Our Interactive Panels offer customisable control options. This allows users to configure shortcuts, touch gestures, and much more to match their preferences. This level of personalisation enhances efficiency and user comfort during presentations.


5] Enhanced Presentations

The interactive touch screen capabilities of our IFPDs allow presenters to manipulate content on the fly. They can move, rotate, or even resize elements on the screen to answer audience questions in real-time, emphasize key points, etc. This dynamic presentation style not only enhances comprehension but also keeps audiences engaged.

Moreover, the interactive touch screen capabilities extend beyond the presenter. Attendees, too, get the freedom to engage directly with the displayed content. For instance, in a Q&A session, members from the audience can highlight portions of slides on IFPDs or draw diagrams to articulate their comments or questions better.


6] Save and Share Annotations

Our IFPDs enable users to save and export annotations made during collaborative sessions or presentations. This proves invaluable for doing the following effortlessly:

  • Archiving discussions
  • Sharing meeting notes
  • Revisiting key insights, etc. 

All the above aspects will definitely make your presentations more inclusive and memorable.


Collaborative Features


Interactive Panels


Our Interactive Flat Panel Displays are designed to facilitate brainstorming, interactive collaboration, and teamwork among users. These features let multiple individuals (in physical and remote settings) work together seamlessly. Here are a couple of notable collaborative features that our IFPDs boast. 


1] Multi-User Simultaneous Interaction

Our Interactive Panels support multi-user functionalities, allowing multiple users to interact with the display simultaneously. This implies that team members can contribute concurrently during a presentation or meeting by writing, annotating, or drawing content. 

For instance, in a design review session, several team members can make notes, sketch ideas, and do a lot more on the digital whiteboard – fostering productive discussions.


2] Real-time Document Editing and Collaboration

Our Smart Panels are powered with built-in software and third-party applications to let users edit spreadsheets, documents, or presentation slides directly on the display. This functionality facilitates team members to do the following:

  • Collaborate on a shared document in real-time
  • Make updates
  • Suggest changes
  • Provide feedback, etc. 

This collaborative document editing feature also does the following: 

  • Streamlines workflows
  • Reduces the need for multiple rounds of revisions
  • Enhances productivity, etc. 

Such features are particularly useful during content creation workshops, strategy sessions, and report reviews where collective input is crucial. 


3] Remote Collaboration and Screen Sharing

Our Digital Displays extend their collaborative power beyond the physical room. They provide users with remote control capabilities and help participants contribute to the discussion by connecting to the display. The screen-sharing functionality allows remote attendees to do the following: 

  • View the content on the IFPD
  • Make annotations
  • Control the display, etc.  

These features give virtual team members the power to have an equal voice. They get to participate in brainstorming sessions, workshops, and meetings actively. This way, our IFPDs can help you create a more inclusive collaboration experience.


Versatile Connectivity 

Connectivity is a crucial aspect of our IFPDs. Thus, they come equipped with a range of connectivity options. This versatility of our IFPDs enables seamless integration with various content sources. Integration with multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops further makes content sharing an effortless task. Mentioned below are a few examples of versatile connectivity options offered by our Interactive Flat Panel Displays.


1] HDMI and USB Ports

Our IFPDs have different ports for USB and HDMI connection. Thus, users can directly connect various devices to the display and even storage drives. 

On one hand, HDMI connections enable high-quality audio and video transmission. On the other hand, USB ports help access files, presentations, touch-sensitive pens, etc.


2] Wireless Casting and Mirroring

Our IFPDs support wireless casting and mirroring. It means that users can project the screen of connected devices (e.g., tablets, smartphones, laptops) onto the IFPD without any cable hassle. This feature is ideal for sharing content, videos, and presentations from personal devices during meetings. 


3] More Options 

Bluetooth Connectivity – This feature allows users to seamlessly connect to wireless devices, including speakers, keyboards, mice, and headphones, to the display. 
Cloud Integration – This feature lets users access and save their work on cloud storage services, boosting seamless collaboration and sharing.
Network Connectivity – Our IFPDs are powered with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing users to easily connect to the internet and local networks. 
Multisource Display and Screen Splitting – Our IFPDs allow users to display content from multiple sources simultaneously. They get the freedom to do the following: 
  • Display content from a laptop and other connected device concurrently
  • Combine required data from various sources into a single display
  • Showcase two different presentations side by side, and so on. 


Accessibility and Inclusivity

With our Interactive Panels, a wider range of users can actively participate in presentations, meetings, and other similar activities. Below are a few specific examples of how our IFPDs help promote accessibility and inclusivity:

  • Screen magnification
  • Font adjustments
  • Gesture recognition and voice control 
  • Integration with assistive technologies
  • Interactive surveys and polls
  • Remote technical support and troubleshooting, etc. 


Enhanced Productivity

This key feature of our Interactive Panels provides capabilities and tools to boost efficiency and creativity. Here is how our IFPDs help enhance productivity. 


1] Integrated Software and Applications

Enhancing collaboration and productivity is a breeze on our IFPDs. They can be integrated with different software and applications. These may include project management tools, video conferencing platforms, etc. On our IFPDs, users can do the following with utmost ease

  • Edit documents
  • Access documents 
  • Share documents

This functionality helps eliminate the need to switch between different devices or applications. 


2] Data Import and Export

On our Digital Displays, users can import required content from various sources, including USB storage, cloud storage services, network devices, etc. This capability helps simplify the process of accessing, displaying, importing, and exporting data on our IFPDs. 



In the era of hybrid connectivity, Interactive Panels have revolutionized the way we approach conferences and events. With their interactive touchscreen capabilities, immersive visuals, collaborative features, and other functionalities, they have become essential tools for creating memorable events.

IFPDs aren’t merely gadgets. They’re catalysts for transformation. They empower presenters to captivate their audience, participants to actively engage, and organizers to deliver exceptional experiences regardless of where they are located. IFPDs can take your event to the next level, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.  

The corporate world should start embracing the power of IFPDs. Well, Truview Smart Panels can help with setting the stage for a future of innovation and connection. They can make your conferences and events thrive in this digital age. Know more about our IFPDs here


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Welcome to Trueview – where innovation meets interaction! We are a leading provider of state-of-the-art Interactive Panels in India. Our IFPDs are designed especially to elevate your meetings, presentations, conferences, and events to new heights. They are meant to offer a wide array of interactive and collaborative features to ensure that your events are not just engaging but also informative and inclusive. 

Whether you’re in a conference hall or the boardroom, our Digital Displays empower you to connect, collaborate, and captivate your audience like never before. Experience the future of events and conferences with Trueview and explore the limitless possibilities of IFPDs!

So, are you ready to revolutionize your presentation capabilities? Contact us today and discover how our IFPDs can transform your events and conferences.

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