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Engaging the Future – The Magic of Interactive Flat Panel Displays in Film and Media Industry

The dynamics of the film and media industry have changed a lot. In the modern era of storytelling, creators are always on the lookout for finding new ways to engage and captivate their audiences. The technological advancements have made their work easier. How? Well, a technical innovation has opened up the interactive medium of storytelling. These technical marvels are Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs).

These Digital Displays are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and achievable. They are not merely technical tools. They are gateways to a world where stories come alive – engaging viewers like never before. Their unparalleled technical prowess combined with agile adaptability is a testament to their impact. They are not only enhancing the cinematic experience but also redefining the very essence of storytelling.

This blog will discuss the real potential of Trueview IFPDs and how they are revolutionising the film and media industry. Let’s get started!

Decoding the Technical Mastery of Trueview Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

High-Resolution Displays

Our Interactive Panels are equipped with 4K UHD Resolution to offer crystal clear visuals. This feature ensures that every character, scene, and frame comes to life vividly and vibrantly. Such aspects can prove to be really useful for the film industry, where visual storytelling is paramount.

Multi-Touch Capability

Our IFPDs are powered with multi-touch functionality. This 20-point multi-touch feature implies that more than one user can interact with the display at the same time. This capability of our IFPDs can open up avenues for the following:

  • Collaborative Editing
  • Brainstorming
  • Storyboarding sessions, etc.

Seamless Integration

In the interconnected digital world, people often look for seamless integration when it boils down to electronic gadgets. To make sure that people are not devoid of such an essence, our Interactive Flat Panel Displays offer seamless integration. Professionals in the film and media sector can easily integrate them with different digital tools and platforms they use. Whether it’s about syncing with editing software or connecting to cloud storage, the integration process on our IFPDs is always smooth and hassle-free.

Ultra-Wide Viewing Angles

Our Interactive Panels offer wide viewing angles. This ensures that visuals remain clear and consistent from every perspective. Thus, during group reviews or screenings, all individuals can view the content from different angles without any hassle.

Responsive Touch Sensitivity

Our Touchscreen Displays are highly responsive and are meant to enable precise interactions. Powered with advanced technology, the interactive touch screen of our IFPDs has the following perks to offer:

  • Accurate detection at the slightest swipe or touch
  • Rapid response time minimises any lag
  • Real-time adjustments and collaborations become incredibly efficient
  • Navigating complex software interfaces or fine-tuning edits becomes effortless
  • Ensures seamless user experience

Such functionalities play a pivotal role in scenarios requiring attention to detail, like film and media bustling spaces.

Anti-Glare Technology

Our Digital Displays are powered with advanced anti-glare technology. This feature ascertains that the display remains very visible, clear, and consistent even in brightly lit environments. This is pivotal for editing rooms and studios – where optimal lighting conditions are crucial. This technology of our IFPDs aids professionals in the film and media industry in the following ways:

Eliminates distracting reflections

  • Reduces eye strain
  • Allows creators to work for extended periods without any discomfort
  • Enables them to make precise edits and decisions without any compromise
  • Ensures that image clarity and color accuracy are maintained throughout

Customisable User Profiles

Many times, work environments demand customization at different levels. Well, we understand such requirements, and thus our Interactive Panels allow users to create as well as save personalised profiles. They can easily tailor our IFPD’s settings to individual preferences. This feature can prove to be really invaluable for creators and editors who have specific requirements for the following:

  • Color accuracy
  • Brightness
  • Other display parameters, etc. 

Built-in Speakers

Our IFPDs are powered and integrated with 2x20W Stereo Speakers. Thus, they are the best choice for dynamic work environments at studios and media houses. They provide high-quality audio that complements the stunning visuals on the screens. This capability of our devices not only eliminates the need for external audio systems but also ensures an immersive and cohesive environment.

Moreover, our experts engineer the audio output to deliver clarity and depth. Such capability makes our IFPDs suitable for sound editing or setting the mood during creative brainstorming sessions, presentations, etc.

Wireless Connectivity

Our Interactive Flat Panel Displays support wireless connectivity options. This feature enables users to seamlessly share content and even collaborate – without any wire hassles. This kind of freedom facilitates the following in studios and media houses:

  • Aids with a more flexible and dynamic creative process
  • Allows team members to connect from different devices seamlessly
  • Ensures high-impact delivery of pitches and presentations, etc.

Adaptive Brightness

Our IFPDs come with built-in sensors. They automatically adjust the screen’s brightness depending on ambient lighting conditions. This not only ensures optimal visibility but also significantly conserves a considerable amount of energy.

Low Blue Light Emission

Our IFPDs are powered with low blue light emission technology to reduce eye strain and fatigue. This functionality thus ensures there is no eye discomfort during prolonged use.

Interactive Stylus Compatibility

Our Touchscreen Displays support the use of Styluses. Our Dual-Point Stylus Pens can be customised for colors and thickness. They allow users to precisely draw, annotate, and even edit directly on the interactive touch screen of our IFPDs. This feature is beneficial for storyboard editors and artists.

Gesture Control

The advanced Gesture Control technology of our IFPDs enables users to control and navigate the interactive touch screen intuitively. They can zoom, rotate, slide, and do other things as they would do on their smartphones.

Split-Screen Functionality

One of the most fantastic features of our IFPDs is the Split-Screen functionality. It allows users to split the interactive touchscreen into multiple sections. Thus, people can simultaneously view different content sources on a single screen. This feature can prove to be invaluable for collaborative sessions in studios and media houses, where multiple inputs need to be considered.

Expandable Storage Options

Our Digital Displays offer expandable storage solutions (16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB). Thus, users can store, access, and even edit large media files directly on the device.

Enhanced Security Features

Protecting sensitive content is paramount in the film and media industry. We understand this requirement and hence equip our IFPDs with advanced security features. They include passwords for user verification, fingerprint lock, secure boot processes, etc.

Flexible Mounting Options

The dynamic design of our IFPDs caters to the diverse spatial needs of modern studios. Their mounting flexibility allows for personalised customisation of different workspaces. Let us tell you how these options can suit specific operational requirements.

Wall-Mounting – Our IFPDs can be affixed to walls securely. This maximises floor space while positioning them at an ideal height for visibility.

Mobile Stands – Our IFPDs can be mounted on stands with wheels for work environments in need of mobility.

Workstation Integration – Our FPDs can also be directly integrated into workstations or editing suites.

Durability and Longevity

Considering the working environments in busy film studios and media houses, our Digital Displays are built to last. They are designed to withstand the daily use rigors of such spaces. Their robust construction is meant to make them resistant to rough wear and tear in high-traffic environments.

Our IFPDs are equipped with 8MOHS Toughned Glass and other advanced protective features. Thus, they always stay shielded against potential damages from accidental impacts or drops. Such factors ensure both – consistent performance and prolonged lifespan.

How Trueview Interactive Panels Transcend Beyond Technical Excellence

While the advanced technical features of our Interactive Panels offer diverse applications, their ability to elevate the storytelling is what sets them apart. Let’s together know how.

Interactive Storyboarding

The younger generation of professionals no longer prefers static storyboards. They are digitally evolved and hence demand the same accessibility in their work environments, too. Well, with our IFPDs, filmmakers can effortlessly do the following:

  • Create interactive, dynamic storyboards
  • Make real-time changes
  • Get instant feedback, and so on.

This level of fluidity not only accelerates the pre-production but also enables a more collaborative workspace. It provides an iterative approach to visualising scenes and sequences.

Engaging Presentations

For media houses, presenting content to audiences or stakeholders in an interactive way is crucial. We understand this; thus, our IFPDs are wired to make such presentations more engaging. Let us tell you how.

  • Our Touchscreen Displays enable tactile engagement
  • They allow presenters to dive deeper into the content
  • They allow them to zoom in on details and effortlessly navigate through narratives in a non-linear, dynamic fashion

Enhanced Creative Control

Our Digital Displays are meant to empower everyone – right from creators to directors. They provide them with unprecedented control over their creative vision. Let us tell you how.

  • Our IFPDs allow professionals in the film and media industry to adjust and manipulate content on the fly
  • They can seamlessly tweak color palettes to refine graphical elements and work on similar aspects
  • They can provide a more personalized touch to the final output, leading to a more refined storytelling experience

This way, our IFPDs offer a more hands-on approach to the creative process. Overall, such aspects can prove to be invaluable in industries where the difference between good and great often lies in the details.


Our IFPDs are meant to help you with significant cost savings in the long run. Let us tell you how.

  • Their multifunctional capabilities reduce the need for multiple devices
  • They reduce the need for separate investments
  • They streamline workflow while reducing maintenance requirements, etc.

In short, our IFPDs help diminish operational costs. All the capabilities combined make our devices a cost-effective financial choice for any film or media enterprise.


We live in times when every industry is striving to attain sustainable goals. We value this commitment and thus build IFPDs capable of offering a greener alternative to traditional displays. Their energy-efficient design has the following perks to offer:

  • Lower power consumption
  • A smaller carbon footprint
  • Less frequent replacements
  • Reduction in electronic waste, etc.

All such aspects solidify the status of our IFPDs as an environmentally conscious choice.

To conclude, we say that the film and media world is not only about telling stories and captivating audiences but also about creating memorable experiences. Well, our IFPDs can help professionals in these industries do it all in a more efficient manner. IFPDs are powerful tools that not only make stories seen but also heard and felt!

Know more about Trueview’s range of IFPDs here.

About Trueview


As one of India’s premier manufacturers of Interactive Flat Panel Displays, we aim to revolutionize how the film and media industry operates. The dynamic landscape of this industry requires tools that can enhance the narratives and enchant audiences. IFPDs are at the forefront of such innovative tools. They are meant to allow media professionals and filmmakers to weave interactivity into their storytelling canvas.

Our IFPDs are meant to help you create experiences that not only resonate and reverberate but also truly redefine the art of storytelling. They offer you an opportunity to lead the charge for transformation and captivate audiences in ways previously unimagined. Investing in our technologically advanced IFPDs is your investment in a legacy of engagement and excellence.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t just keep up with the times; get ready to define them. To discover the unparalleled capabilities of our IFPDs, reach out to us today!

Your stories deserve the best canvas. Usher in a new era of interactive storytelling. Join the interactive revolution with Trueview IFPDs!

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