Interactive Flat Panel Display

Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) – Meaning, Benefits, Features, Usage, and More

Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD), a technologically advanced smart display, has transformed how we interact with information and collaborate. It combines high-definition visuals with touch-supported technology, allowing users to access information through touch and use of styluses. In recent years, IFPDs have replaced traditional projector setups. They offer various benefits, from improved screen quality to enhanced connectivity options, making them an important tool in a plethora of different settings. 

Trueview is among the best providers of Interactive Flat Panel Displays in India. Our Interactive Panels are highly versatile and possess the ability to revolutionise the way people interact, learn, and collaborate. Today, we will take you through everything associated with IFPDs, helping you gain better insights into their technology. Let’s get going and know the benefits, features, and applications of Trueview IFPDs – the best in the market!


Why Choose an Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD)? 

Interactive Flat Panel Display

Interactive Flat Panel Displays offer numerous advantages over traditional whiteboards with projectors. These advanced displays provide better screen quality, featuring high-resolution and crystal-clear images, regardless of lighting conditions. With IFPDs, you can experience stunning visuals with vibrant colours. 

IFPDs also offer enhanced connectivity options, making it easier than ever to connect and share information. These displays come with wireless connectivity capabilities, allowing you to connect your device without the hassle of complex cables. Additionally, IFPDs can integrate with wireless networks, providing a secure platform for internal sharing and collaboration.

Trueview Interactive Flat Panel Displays have innovative features, marking your way to efficient workflow. Our Interactive Panels offer ultra-resolution output and front audio stereophonic speakers. With built-in Android OS and optional Windows 10 OS, our displays support multiple signal inputs, including HDMI, SPDIF, RS232, AV I/O, and Earphone. They come in various sizes to suit the needs of every space. 


The Benefits of IFPDs in Education

IFPDs have revolutionised the educational landscape, providing a wide range of advantages for both students and educators. Here is how Trueview IFPDs excel in academic spaces. 

Improvement in Engagement and Motivation Levels

Using Trueview Interactive Panels in the classroom leverages student’s familiarity with technology, resulting in increased engagement and motivation. With their intuitive touchscreen capabilities and interactive features, IFPDs make learning a dynamic and immersive experience.

Accessibility and Clear Visibility

Our IFPDs offer optimised viewing angles and clear visibility in any lighting condition, ensuring every student can see the content clearly. Additionally, the ability to display digital content improves accessibility, making learning more inclusive for students with diverse learning needs.

Effective Lesson Planning and Direct Instruction

Our Interactive Panel assists with lesson planning and delivery by eliminating the need for multiple steps. Educators can easily access and present lesson materials and annotate them in real time. They can also integrate multimedia elements to create dynamic and interactive lessons. This enables direct instruction, allowing teachers to guide students through the learning process more effectively.

Collaboration and Communication

Our IFPD encourages collaboration among students, developing teamwork and collective problem-solving skills. With features like split-screen functionality and interactive whiteboarding, students can collaborate on various levels. They can share projects and ideas and engage in cooperative learning activities. This cultivates a collaborative learning environment that mirrors real-world teamwork and prepares students for future success.

Device Management and Integration

Our Interactive Panels provide educators with super-easy device management options. They simplify the integration and maintenance of technology in the classroom. With centralised control, educators can manage and monitor multiple devices, ensuring fewer disruptions during lessons. This saves valuable instructional time and allows teachers to focus on facilitating learning experiences.


How Interactive Flat Panel Displays Improve Business Meetings

Faster Setup Time

Our IFPDs eliminate the hassle of setting up traditional projectors and cables, saving valuable time and allowing meetings to start promptly. With their built-in connectivity options, including wireless connections, setup becomes effortless, creating an efficient meeting experience.

Modular Office Design

Our IFPDs are compatible with modular office designs, easily adapting to changing layouts and requirements. Whether it’s a large conference room or a huddle room, our displays fit perfectly into any office space, promoting a modern and professional atmosphere.

Huddle Room-Ready

Huddle rooms are becoming increasingly popular in businesses for their ability to promote collaboration and quick decision-making. Our IFPDs are designed to be huddle room-ready, offering a conducive environment for efficient teamwork and brainstorming sessions.

Clear Visibility for Enhanced Focus

One of the key advantages of our IFPDs is their clear visibility and optimised viewing angles. With vibrant display quality and no shadows or distorted projections, every participant in the meeting room can have a clear and focused view of the screen. This eliminates distractions and promotes better engagement and participation.

Easier Presentation and Sharing

Our Interactive Panels make presentations and content sharing easier and more dynamic. With built-in features like easy streaming, annotation tools, and wireless connectivity, presenters can deliver their material with the utmost ease. 


Why IT Departments Love Interactive Panel Displays

Interactive Flat Panel Display

Interactive Flat Panel Displays have become a favourite among IT departments, given their time-saving and efficient features. Our displays not only enhance productivity but also simplify maintenance and troubleshooting, providing IT professionals with a hassle-free experience. Let’s explore the reasons why Trueview IFPDs have captured the hearts of IT departments.

Time-Saving and Simplified Maintenance

One of the key advantages of IFPDs for IT departments is the significant reduction in time spent on maintenance. Unlike traditional projectors that require frequent bulb changes, Trueview IFPDs eliminate the need for such replacements. This saves IT professionals valuable time that can be redirected toward more critical tasks. Additionally, our IFPDs feature a simple and elegant design with fewer parts to clean and maintain, further reducing maintenance efforts.

Easy Troubleshooting

The intuitive user interface and streamlined design of our IFPDs make identifying and resolving technical issues a breeze. IT professionals can quickly diagnose and address any problems, minimising downtime. This simplified troubleshooting process translates into improved efficiency and productivity within the IT department.

Remote Management Capabilities

Remote management is a game-changer for IT departments, and Trueview Interactive Flat Panel excels in this aspect. These displays come equipped with advanced remote management capabilities. They allow IT administrators to perform essential tasks without the need for on-site visits. This remote accessibility ensures that the IFPDs are always up to date and functioning optimally without causing any disruptions. 



Interactive Flat Panel Display has transformed how we collaborate, learn, and conduct meetings. With superior screen quality, software integrations, and intuitive touchscreen features, Trueview IFPDs offer various benefits. These versatile displays find applications in education, business, and even homes.

Overall, IFPDs are valuable tools for diverse applications in today’s digital age. Their benefits extend beyond their interactive capabilities, encompassing cost savings, infrastructure-friendliness, and much more. Whether in classrooms, conference rooms, or boardrooms, Trueview Flat Panel Displays play a crucial role in enhancing productivity, engagement, and connectivity.


About Trueview 


Trueview excels at innovation and technology, leading the way for smooth operations in multiple arenas. Our Interactive Flat Panel Display range conquers various issues and serves as a reliable solution. 

We commit ourselves to providing our customers with efficient products. Our IFPDs are among the most trustworthy products in the market, aiming to replace traditional approaches with modern and sustainable features. 

So what are you waiting for? Change how you function and bring Trueview Interactive Displays into the picture today. To know more about our IFPDs, Contact Us. Our team is always ready to serve you in the best way possible!

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