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India’s Top-Notch Video Conferencing Cameras of 2023 – Take Collaborations to the Next Level

From personal offices to training sessions and board rooms – video conferencing cameras help teams to work collaboratively from wherever they want. Video conferencing cameras are designed to communicate using high-quality audio and video. They come in various forms, loaded with advanced features such as zoom, autofocus, noise reduction, etc. Such aspects ensure that the audio and video transmission in any conference setting is clear and high-quality.  

Conference cameras are meant to deliver an immersive and fantastic collaboration experience. So, when it comes to choosing the perfect camera for your business, you must consider several factors. Choosing a camera that fits your business’s specific needs is important to ensure that all the conferences are engaging, efficient, and productive. 

In this article, we will take you through different types of Trueview Video Conferencing Cameras available for businesses of all sizes. Let’s get started right away!

Trueview Video Conferencing Cameras Range 

With years of research and development, experts at Trueview have designed conference cameras with amazing capabilities. Our cameras are meant to help businesses of every size deliver a fantastic collaboration experience to the participants. The wide-angle lens in each camera not only keeps the speaker in focus but also has other important functionalities. 

To know more about Trueview Video Conferencing Cameras, keep reading. 

Auto Framing 4K Video Conferencing Camera 

Conferencing Cameras - Auto Framing 4K Video Conferencing Camera 

Trueview Auto Framing Video Conferencing Camera automatically tracks and adjusts its viewpoints to keep the subject in the frame. Our Auto Framing Conference Cameras are enabled with Motion Sensors. The motion tracking mode helps detect the movement and position of the subject and accordingly adjusts the framing. This ensures that the subject is always in focus and clearly visible – improving the overall video conference collaborations. 

Auto Framing Conference Cameras are primarily used in business settings. However, they can be used in other settings, such as online education, virtual events, medical consultations, etc. Below are some benefits of our Auto Framing 4K Video Conferencing Cameras.

Improved User Experience 

Trueview Auto Framing Video Conferencing Camera automatically tracks and focuses on the active speaker. It can make your video conference experience more interactive and engaging.        

Increased Productivity

Trueview Auto Framing Camera is enabled with an electronic pan/tilt design. So, you need not worry about manual repositioning and adjustments during a meeting. This will not only reduce distractions but also save time, resulting in smooth virtual collaborations.  

More Natural Communication

Trueview Auto Framing Camera provides a natural communication experience to all the participants. The reason being – participants can move freely without worrying about staying in the frame during the meeting.

Greater Inclusivity

Trueview Auto Framing Camera ensures that every participant is included in the meeting, regardless of the changing number of participants and their movements.

Powerful Features

  • Most Advanced Image DSP
  • High-Quality 8MP Optical Full Glass Lens
  • Ultra-high Definition and Crisp Image
  • Image Flip Function
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • 120° Viewing Field
  • USB Powered and Controlled
  • Built-in High Sensitivity Dual Microphone with 5m detection
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • 3D Noise Reduction
  • Fast Video Switch ≤ 1 Second
  • Unique and Patent Camera Housing and Mechanism Design
  • Beamforming Technology 

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Video Conferencing Camera

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Video Conferencing Camera

Trueview Pan-Tilt-Zoom Video Conferencing Cameras are the most viable option for settings where high-quality video and image are required. Our technically advanced PTZ Video Conference Cameras give you the power to remotely move, control, and zoom during conferences. It also aims in the direction of the speaker during a video conference. As our PTZ conference cameras are powered with Full HD Resolution, you need not worry about compressed images. 

Trueview PTZ Video Conferencing Cameras are primarily used in large conference rooms and even in other similar professional settings. Below are some benefits of our PTZ Video Conferencing Cameras. 

Greater Control

Trueview PTZ Video Conferencing Cameras allow you to remotely control the camera’s movement, focus, and zoom. This factor helps the users get greater control during video conferences. 

Enhanced Visibility

Trueview PTZ Video Conferencing Cameras capture a wider field of view and provide closer views of the participants present in the meeting. Along with enhanced visibility, they make it easier for participants to follow the discussions and conversations. 

Improved Collaboration

Trueview PTZ Video Conferencing Cameras are super useful when it comes to tracking speakers and following their actions. Such capabilities make it easier to collaborate and work together remotely.


Trueview PTZ Video Conferencing Cameras can be mounted on desks, monitors, tripods, or even ceilings. They can be easily positioned at different angles and locations. Such aspects provide greater adaptability and flexibility to different meeting scenarios.

 Powerful Features

  • 5MP Sensor
  • 1920x1080p High Definition
  • 12x Digital Zoom
  • 10x Optical Zoom
  • Remote Controlled PTZ Movement
  • VISCA Control Support and UVC 1.5 protocol
  • FECC (Far End Camera Control) Support
  • Plug and Play
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • 3D Noise Reduction
  • BLC (Backlight Composition)
  • Compatible with – Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, Webex, BlueJeans, Trueconf, GoToMeeting, etc., softwares
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Linux 

Fixed Webcam for Video Conferencing

Fixed Webcam for Video Conferencing

Trueview Fixed Webcam for Video Conferencing can be permanently installed in any meeting or conference room. It’s meant to capture high-definition videos and ensure all meeting participants are visible and in the frame.

As our conference camera is fixed in place, you can optimize it for specific room settings. While choosing a Fixed Webcam for Video Conferencing, you must consider factors such as:

  • Size of the room
  • Number of participants
  • Quality of the camera’s sensors and lens, etc. 

Below are some benefits of our Fixed Webcam for Video Conferencing.


As Trueview Fixed Webcam stays stationary or static, it provides a consistent viewpoint for all participants in a meeting. It helps maintain focus and makes it easier for participants to follow the conversation during conferences.  

Easy Setup 

Trueview Fixed Webcams require minimal adjustments. They can be easily set up and left in place, reducing the time and effort required to start your video conference. Such factors make these cameras a reliable and convenient solution for video conferencing.


Trueview Fixed Webcam for Video Conferencing is designed to be reliable and sturdy. This makes it a better option not only for long-term use but also for use in harsh environments.


Trueview Fixed Webcam for Video Conferencing is less susceptible to unauthorized adjustments or tampering. This factor can enhance privacy and security during video conferences.

Powerful Features

  • 2MP Sensor with 12MP Lens
  • 108° Viewing Field
  • 1920x1080p High Definition
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • Full HD Video Stream Output
  • Flexible Hinge Design
  • Adjustable Anti-flicker
  • USB Powered and Controlled
  • YUY2 and MJPG Video Format
  • 3D Noise Reduction
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • BLC (Backlight Composition)
  • Compatible with – Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, Webex, BlueJeans, Trueconf, GoToMeeting, etc., softwares
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Linux 

To help you enhance your virtual collaborations, we have something in store for you. Let’s know more about it right away.

Trueview Conference Speaker with Mic

Our Conference Speaker with Mic can greatly enhance and take your video conferencing experience to the next level. You can make your conferences more engaging with high-quality audio and video combination. The perks of our Conference Speaker with Mic are as follows:

Improved Audio Quality – Minimal background noise feature allows participants to hear each other clearly.

Better Collaboration – Communicate effectively, make faster decisions, and get better productivity. 

Easy to Use – Requires only a few simple steps to connect with a computer or mobile device.

Nothing but Convenience – Forget wearing a headset or sitting close to the device to hear or to be heard. Complete long calls with limitless mobility. 

Powerful Features 

  • 360° Voice Pickup
  • High-Fidelity Sound Quality
  • Echo and Noise Reduction

About Trueview

Established in 2011, Trueview has become a leader in providing cutting-edge IP CCTV Technology, Display, and Video Conferencing Solutions. Throughout, our experts have exerted great effort in researching and developing the design and functions of each product. We provide such solutions in different areas, including business and personal scenarios. 

With our video conferencing solutions, we aim to boost the effectiveness of boundaryless business collaborations. Our video conferencing range includes PTZ, Auto Framing, Fixed Webcams, Conference Speakers with Mic, etc. 

Trueview Conference Cameras have autofocus and auto-exposure capabilities. They make video images clear and sharper – even if the lighting conditions change or the subject moves. You can use our conference cameras to share content and collaborate on projects seamlessly.

If you wish to work together with business acquaintances worldwide and make remote collaboration easier, contact our experts today.

Happy Collaboration!

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