8+2 Port AI PoE Switch

• 8+2 Port AI PoE Switch
• 8*10/100Mbps PoE ports, 2*10/100Mbps uplink port
• Support IEEE802.3af/at
• Support restrain network storm, VLAN function
• Support Max Transmission distance up to 250m with PoE Power
• ll port supported by MDI/MDIX auto flip and self-negotiation
• Built-in power supply
• Maximum power of single PoE port: 30W
• Maximum PoE power: 150W
• Adopts store-and-forward architecture With power circuit protection, it can protect the security of the back-end equipment
• Fan less, natural cooling, small, compact and quiet design, suitable for desktop or wall
• Support lightning protection 2000V

  • 8+2 Port AI PoE Switch

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    CCTV Camera Networks – Our PoE Switch is tailored for setups in remote or urban areas where Wi-Fi is unreliable or unavailable. It facilitates a smooth, wired network connection for any CCTV Cameras without Wi-Fi, ensuring constant surveillance without the need for the internet. This switch is ideal for security systems in locations like underground facilities, thick-walled structures, or expansive outdoor areas. It is compatible with areas where wireless signals are weak.

    Remote and Rural Area Compatibility – Our PoE Switch integrates seamlessly with our eco-friendly, Solar Powered CCTV Camera. It provides a stable network connection alongside power, enhancing the solar-powered system’s usability in remote or environmentally sensitive areas.

    Educational Campuses and Residential Area – Our PoE Switch extends network capabilities to cover large properties such as university campuses, industrial complexes, and residential estates. It allows for deploying networked devices far from the central networking hub, bridging the gap in vast areas. It is perfect for scenarios where laying extensive cabling is impractical or too expensive.

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    Benefits Over Features

    Efficient Power Management – Our PoE Switch’s power over Ethernet (PoE) capability combines power and data transmission through a single cable. It drastically reduces the need for extra wiring and power outlets. This feature is especially beneficial for devices that are difficult to power, such as a Solar Powered CCTV Camera in remote or challenging locations. The switch manages power efficiently and helps in reducing electrical complexities and costs.

    Enhanced Distance and Connectivity – Our PoE Switch stands out with its remarkable 250m transmission distance capability. This extended range ensures that surveillance devices can be placed flexibly, even in areas far from the central networking hub.

    Robust Protection – The 2000V lightning protection safeguards your equipment from electrical surges, ensuring long-term reliability.

    Seamless and Reliable Performance – Our PoE Switch’s natural cooling design is a standout feature, promoting noise-free operation. This is particularly beneficial in environments where noise pollution needs to be minimized, like hospitals or libraries. By eliminating the need for cooling fans, this design reduces noise and minimises mechanical wear. This feature makes our switch seamless and reliable.

    Addressing Pain Points

    Network Stability in Challenging Environments – Our product offers a reliable solution for areas lacking Wi-Fi infrastructure, particularly useful for a CCTV Camera without Wi-Fi.

    Cost-Effective Infrastructure – Our PoE Switch reduces the need for separate power solutions and is especially valuable for Solar Powered CCTV Camera systems.

    Easy Setup and Maintenance – Our product offers simplicity in installation and upkeep, ensuring minimal technical challenges.

    Long-Distance Deployment – It overcomes distance limitations in large-scale installations, providing both power and connectivity over extended distances.

    Change your security and network experience with Trueview 8+2 Port AI PoE Switch – The powerhouse of connectivity!

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