64 Channel IVR Support up to 4K

• 64 Channel IVR Support upto 4K IPC, H.265 IVR
• 16ch at same time Playback
• Support H.264/H.265
• Support P2P cloud service
• Instant playback under preview screen without affecting other channel preview
• Supports disk grouping quotas and disk group storage modes
• Support channel grouping, preview tour
• Support ONVIF protocol, support High profile S, High profile G, compatible with different IP camera that based on ONVIF, RTSP standard.
• Support IPSAN、NAS
• Support Alram In-Out
• Support Two-Way Intercom
• Support instant playback for screen preview during multi-channel display mode.
• Network Bandwidth: 512 MBPS
• Support IPC front-end intelligent analysis:
Target Count, Object Left/Lost, Electronic Fence, Line Crossing, Humanoid Detection

  • 64 Channel IVR Support up to 4K

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    Large-Scale Commercial Operations – Our 64 Channel DVR is tailored for extensive commercial setups, providing comprehensive surveillance coverage for malls, warehouses, corporate campuses, and other such settings. It’s ideal for managing a vast number of cameras simultaneously, ensuring robust security and effective monitoring. Using it, you can monitor multiple locations simultaneously.

    Public Safety and Infrastructure Monitoring – Our DVR for CCTVs is best suited for monitoring densely populated areas, transportation hubs, and critical infrastructure effectively. It’s meant to facilitate proactive surveillance measures and rapid incident response, enhancing public safety and security without compromising the quality of the footage.

    Educational and Healthcare Facilities – Our 4K DVR for CCTVs provides advanced surveillance capabilities for educational institutions, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Using our DVR can greatly benefit such large institutions. It ensures the safety of patients, staff members, and students with enhanced monitoring features and comprehensive surveillance coverage.

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    Benefits Over Features

    High-Resolution Imaging – Our 64 Channel DVR supports up to 4K resolution for crystal-clear imagery, enabling precise identification of objects and subjects for top-notch surveillance performance. Its enhanced surveillance capabilities ensure that critical details are captured with exceptional accuracy and clarity, maintaining high quality throughout (in any kind of lighting).

    Efficient Data Management – Equipped with the most advanced DVR technology, our product optimizes storage space by recording only relevant footage. This, in turn, reduces storage costs and simplifies data management. It provides efficient data storage solutions and ensures that crucial footage is retained and unnecessary storage usage is minimised.

    Scalability and Integration – Our 4K DVR for CCTVs is meant to offer scalability for organisations looking to accommodate expansive surveillance networks. It not only provides flexibility for future system upgrades but also easily integrates with the existing CCTV infrastructure. This way, it maximizes investment while minimizing disruption.

    Addressing Pain Points

    Streamlined Surveillance Operations – Our DVR for CCTVs provides users with intuitive control for efficient monitoring. Equipped with a user-friendly interface and other advanced capabilities, it’s meant to revolutionise the ease of surveillance. This way, it minimises the workload and makes managing numerous cameras efficient and straightforward, even with reduced reliance on extensive security personnel.

    Enhanced Security Measures – Our 64 Channel DVR is specially designed to eliminate security vulnerabilities and blind spots in sizeable setups. It is meant to provide extensive surveillance coverage by ensuring a secure environment and deterring potential threats. It reduces security risk by enabling operators to take swift action in case of any lapse. This way, by facilitating immediate action, our DVRs ensure the safety and security of your premises.

    Safeguard your premises with Trueview 64 Channel DVR – Advanced functionality, unparalleled security, and ultimate peace of mind guaranteed!

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