3MP Smart WiFi Mini Pan-Tilt Camera

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Original price was: ₹10,500.00.Current price is: ₹3,199.00.

• 3MP HD Smart WiFi PT ATC Camera
• Pan/tilt Smart Mini PT WiFi Camera
• Horizontal rotation of 263 degrees, vertical rotation of 90 degrees
• Built-in high-sensitivity MIC and speaker, support two-way audio
• Intelligent Human tracking, automatically tracking when people break area
• Support Micro SD Card Up to 256GB & Cloud Storage (Optional)
• WiFi & Wired connection, scan the QR code to easily connect the camera • Area motion detection, Humaniod detection, push alarm information
• Support monitoring: Pc/Mobile on Truecloud
• Up to 10 preset point to monitor favorite locations
• Compatible with all ONVIF supported NVR
• Alexa Support
• Compression : H.264/H.265/H.265+

  • 4G Camera with SIM Card

    3MP Smart WiFi Mini Pan-Tilt Camera

    Original price was: ₹10,500.00.Current price is: ₹3,199.00.

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    Home Security – Our 3MP Smart Wi-Fi Mini Pan-Tilt Camera is best for monitoring outdoor areas of your home. It provides total coverage of entry and exitways, backyards, etc., ensuring high security.

    Business Surveillance – With a compact design, our Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera provides advanced surveillance capabilities for outdoor settings. Our camera is ideal for monitoring the premises of businesses, office parkings, office compounds and even large retail stores. It not only allows owners to monitor their premises remotely but also helps deter potential theft or vandalism.

    Site Monitoring – To keep an eye on your construction or work site while you’re away, you just need the TrueCloud App (available on the Play Store and App Store). It allows you to ensure your site’s safety with the live-streaming feature. Moreover, the two-way audio functionality helps you interact with your resources at the site whenever required.

    Property Monitoring – Our camera is reconginsed as the Best Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera because of its versatile pan-tilt functionality. It allows for flexible coverage and remote control. These aspects make our camera perfect for monitoring the critical areas of large properties.

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    Benefits Over Features

    Pan-Tilt Functionality – Equipped with pan-tilt functionality, our Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera offers 360-degree coverage and remote control, allowing you to adjust the viewing angle as needed for optimal surveillance.

    High-Quality Imaging – Our Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience by capturing clear and detailed footage with its 3MP resolution. This way, it enhances the quality of footage for the user’s convenience and high security.

    Two-Way Audio – The built-in microphone and speaker in our Wi-Fi Camera for Outdoor Spaces allows you to communicate with visitors or intruders digitally. This way, our camera provides an added layer of security and convenience, helping avoid unnecessary in-person interaction.

    Seamless Connectivity – With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, our Outdoor Wifi Camera allows for easy setup and remote access to live footage via the Trueview App. This way, you can conveniently monitor your property from anywhere at any time, ensuring peace of mind.

    Addressing Pain Points

    Easy Installation – The simple setup and compact design of our Outdoor Wifi Camera allows you to install it by yourself. Thus, it becomes very convenient for you to operate the camera, eliminating the need for professional installation services.

    Weatherproof Design – The waterproof and durable build of our Outdoor Wifi Camera ensures that it withstands harsh weather conditions. Thus, we say that it’s perfect for outdoor use in all seasons.

    Remote Monitoring – Stay connected to your home or business with our camera’s functionality. It allows you to access to live footage remotely, receive instant alerts, and much more. This way, our camera provides comprehensive footage of any remote location, helping you keep an eye on your properties without being physically present.

    Transform your surveillance experience with the Trueview 3MP Smart Wi-Fi Mini Pan-Tilt Camera. Enjoy unparalleled peace of mind around every corner!

    Weight 0.768 kg
    Dimensions 13.2 × 17 × 19.1 mm

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    2 reviews for 3MP Smart WiFi Mini Pan-Tilt Camera

      Rajat Sharma
      July 1, 2024
      Working Fine
      Nithish Reddy
      June 26, 2024
      Good quality, worth for money
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