16+2 Port AI PoE Switch

• 16+2 Port AI PoE Switch
• 16*10/100Mbps PoE ports, 2*10/100/1000Mbps uplink port,1 Giga SFP Port
• Support IEEE802.3af/at
• Support restrain network storm, VLAN function
• Support Max Transmission distance up to 250m with PoE Power
• ll port supported by MDI/MDIX auto flip and self-negotiation
• Built-in power supply
• Maximum power of single PoE port: 30W
• Maximum PoE power: 250W
• Adopts store-and-forward architecture With power circuit protection, it can protect the security of the back-end equipment
• Fan less, natural cooling, small, compact and quiet design, suitable for desktop or wall
• Support lightning protection 2000V

  • 16+2 Port AI PoE Switch

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    Remote and Rural Areas – 16+2 PortAi PoE Switch is perfectly suitable for settings that traditionally lack access to conventional power sources. It is especially beneficial for powering devices, including a Solar Powered CCTV Camera in remote areas. Our switch ensures reliable operation even in off-grid circumstances.

    Business Network Optimisation – Our switch is ideal for businesses or organisations looking to enhance their network infrastructure. It is perfect for environments like warehouses and retail spaces. Our 16+2 Port AI PoE Switch can power devices, including a 4G Solar CCTV Camera, ensuring seamless operation and network stability.

    Public Network Infrastructure – Our PoE Switch is also apt for public spaces like parks, public squares, community centers, etc. It can power a 4G Solar CCTV Camera and other types of cameras, enabling robust network infrastructure that too without any extensive electrical work. This way, it fulfills the connectivity needs for a wide array of public services.

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    Benefits Over Features

    PoE Efficiency – Our switch offers a sustainable solution for powering devices such as CCTV Cameras with Solar Panels. It eliminates the need for separate electrical cabling.

    High-Speed Connectivity – With its capacity to handle high-speed data transfers, this switch is essential for the efficient operations of CCTV cameras and other devices.

    Adaptable for Multiple Scenarios – Whether it is for an office, a remote location, or a public area, our PoE Switch can adapt to various environments. It provides network stability and seamless connectivity irrespective of its placement environment.

    Reliable – Our PoE Switch is designed keeping consistency and efficiency in mind. It ensures the stable and seamless operation of crucial surveillance devices, including a 4G Solar CCTV Camera, ensuring consistent operation and reducing downtime.

    Addressing Pain Points

    Network Stability in Remote Areas – Our PoE Switch is perfect for rural and remote areas with a scarcity of traditional power sources. In such areas, it ensures stable and consistent connectivity. This way, it ensures that critical surveillance operations and critical communications are carried on smoothly, without any interruption.

    Eco-Friendly Operations – With its energy-efficient PoE technology, our switch addresses environmental concerns. It provides a green solution for powering Solar Powered CCTV Camera and other such devices.

    High-Speed Connectivity Across All Ports – Our switch provides high-speed connectivity across all its ports. This way, it guarantees reliable and fast network connectivity in various settings and environments.

    Easy Installation and Maintenance – Installation and maintenance are among the most important aspects of any switch. Our switch is designed for straightforward and easy installation and maintenance. It directly reduces the need for technical expertise, reducing the setup time.

    Trueview 16+2 Port AI PoE Switch : Invest in technology that connects, sustains, and ensures uninterrupted and efficient operations!

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