16 Channel IVR Support up to 4K

• 16 Channel IVR Support upto 4K IPC, H.265 IVR
• 16ch at same time Playback
• Support H.264/H.265
• Support ONVIF, High profile S
• Support P2P cloud service
• Instant playback under preview screen without affecting other channel preview
• Supports disk grouping quotas and disk group storage modes
• Support channel grouping, preview tour
• Network Bandwidth: 80 MBPS
• Support IPC front-end intelligent analysis: Target Count, Object Left/Lost, Electronic Fence, Line Crossing, Humanoid Detection

  • 16 Channel IVR Support up to 4K

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    Home Security Solutions – Our 16 Channel DVR is ideal for residential properties. It provides advanced surveillance capabilities to safeguard homes and monitor entry and exit points, and other crucial areas to avoid any potential intruders.

    Small Business Surveillance – Our 4K DVR for CCTVs is perfect for small businesses, retail stores, or offices. Such spaces can use our DVR to efficiently monitor the premises, assets, employee activities, and other critical details.

    Community Monitoring – Apart from business locations, places such as community centre, apartment complexes, and gated communities can use our DVR for CCTVs for proactive security measures, incident response, and so on.

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    Benefits over Features

    High-Resolution Recording – Using our 16 Channel DVR, you can retain footage in 4K resolution. This way, our DVR not only ensures clear and detailed footage but also enables precise identification of individuals, objects, vehicles, etc.

    Intelligent Video Recording Technology : Our DVR for CCTVs comes equipped with the most advanced technology. With efficient motion detection capabilities, it only records relevant footage, helping you optimize the storage space. Moreover, with the help of other user-defined criteria, it further reduces storage costs, enabling simplified data management.

    Scalability – With 16 channels, our DVR offers flexibility and scalability, accommodating small to medium-sized camera systems. For any future expansion needs our 4K DVR for CCTvs offers you high convenience, enabling smooth management.

    Remote Accessibility – Our 16 channel DVR allows you to access live or recorded footage remotely through the web interface and TrueCloud App (available on the Play Store and App Store). This way, you can monitor in real-time from anywhere with stable internet connectivity. As the footage is handy and you can manage it no matter where you are.

    Addressing Pain Points

    Storage Efficiency – The efficient DVR technology of our product addresses storage space limitations concerns. By selectively recording pertinent footage, our DVR for CCTVs ensures that critical events are captured and unnecessary data storage is minimised.

    User-Friendly Interface – Despite its advanced features, our 16 Channel DVR boasts an intuitive user interface. This makes it easy for homeowners or small business owners to set up and operate their CCTVs without any hassle.

    Reliable Performance – Designed for reliability and durability, our 4K DVR for CCTVs provides consistent performance, ensuring continuous surveillance coverage. With our DVR at your disposal, you need not worry about any surveillance discrepancies.

    Trueview 16 Channel DVR (Support Up to 4K) – A reliable and robust surveillance system for enhanced security. Safeguard your properties no matter where you are!

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