4MP Smart 4G Solar Bullet Camera

Original price was: ₹12,500.00.Current price is: ₹5,499.00.

  • Smart 4G Solar With Built-In Battery Bullet Camera
  • Built-in high-sensitivity MIC and speaker, support two-way audio
  • Built-in PIR Sensor 10m, 120°
  • Built-In Battery 10400mAh Rechargeable lithium battery, With 5W Solar Panel
  • Unique With All-Time-Color vision
  • Support Micro SD Card Up to 256GB & Cloud Storage (Optional)
  • 4G connection, scan the QR code to easily connect the camera
  • Area motion detection, Humanoid detection, push alarm information
  • Support monitoring : Pc/Mobile on TrueCloud
  • IP66 Waterproof Rating, 4000 Lightning Protection
  • Compression: H.265+
  • Solar Powered CCTV Camera

    4MP Smart 4G Solar Bullet Camera

    Original price was: ₹12,500.00.Current price is: ₹5,499.00.

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    Off-Grid Surveillance – Our Solar CCTV Camera is ideal for locations disconnected from electrical sources, such as farms, faraway properties, off-grid cottages, etc. Our Camera’s Solar power ensures continuous surveillance even in remote areas.

    Building Sites – Our Bullet Solar Powered CCTV Camera offers essential security protection for construction sites that lack or have temporary infrastructure. Thanks to the 4G connectivity, it offers real-time monitoring, ensuring equipment and premise safety.

    Household Safety – Our Solar CCTV Camera utilises the most available renewable resource, i.e., sunlight to facilitate 24-hour surveillance. It’s an efficient and environment friendly security solution for homes. Even in the case of a power loss, it enables continual monitoring because of its integrated battery backup.

    Temporary Events – Our camera is perfect for outdoor events, concerts or festivals. Its compact design allows for easy installation and set-up. Thus, event planners and attendees can be at ease knowing that event is being monitored from various angles and distance.

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    Benefits over Features

    Solar-Powered Efficiency – By harnessing sun’s energy, our camera depends less on conventional electricity sources and minimises its negative effects on the environment. Its internal battery guarantees uninterrupted surveillance even in dimly lit areas and during blackouts.

    4G Connectivity – Our Solar-powered CCTV Camera comes equipped with a 4G SIM Card Slot. With robust connectivity, it allows users to continually access live footage and receive instant alerts. Whether you’re monitoring a construction site or your residential property, you can do it at any point, from anywhere. Thanks to the remote monitoring capability of our camera.

    High-Resolution Footage – The 4MP resolution of our Solar CCTV Camera enables it to capture detailed, crisp images, making it easier to identify humans and objects in the scene. The camera’s outstanding image quality means that you can use it to monitor your premises day in and day out.

    Robust Build and Design – Our 4G Solar CCTV Camera is built to withstand harash environmental elements. Its sturdy design protects it from rain, snow, and other weather conditions, ensuring reliable, outstanding performance 24/7. 365 days a year.

    Addressing Pain Points

    Power Outages – Our Solar Powered CCTV Camera eliminates the power outage worries. Because of its integrated battery backup and reliance on solar energy, it operates continuously, providing surveillance even when the power grid is down.

    Remote Installation – Our camera’s simple setup process eliminates the need for intricate cabling or electrical labor. Thus, you can quickly and easily get it up and running, no matter where you install it – a temporary event site or in a remote location.

    Security Concerns – Our 4G Solar CCTV Camera provides property owners and stakeholders peace of mind with its superior security capabilities, which include advanced motion detection and night vision. Its dependable operation and real-time monitoring capabilities help you monitor your property efficiently, with utmost ease and convenience.

    Environmental Impact – Our Solar CCTV Camera provides a sustainable and environment friendly monitoring solution, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

    Trueview Smart 4G 4MP Solar Bullet Camera – The future of security. Experince relentless protection day and night with an eco-friendly and wire-free surveillance solution!

    Weight 0.865 kg
    Dimensions 180 × 67 × 67 mm

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