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    CCTV Cameras – Our Micro SD Card is ideal for all CCTV cameras for indoor and outdoor monitoring, leaving you stress-free at all times. It is compatible with a CCTV Camera with Solar Panel and offers consistent video recording even in off-grid locations! When it comes to home, business, or other settings’ security, Trueview Micro SD Card provides extensive storage for HD video footage and easy review of all crucial events. This ensures that your property is always under a watchful eye!

    Digital Signage Solutions – Perfect for digital displays, Trueview Micro SD Card stores high-resolution content and allows smooth playback in all commercial environments.

    Ample Storage for Various Gadgets – The Trueview Micro SD Card meets the ample storage needs of a wide range of gadgets. Whether you are looking for a micro SD card for a camera, a micro SD card for mobile, or any other high-demand gadget, our card ensures peak performance and provides a dependable data storage option.

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    Benefits Over Features

    High Endurance Storage – Crafted specially to handle continuous write and rewrite cycles, the Trueview Micro SD Card ensures long-lasting performance and dependability for surveillance systems. This is essential for systems that require 24/7 recording. These cards are meant to provide peace of mind that your data is securely stored and accessible when needed. Designed for high durability and reliability, the Trueview Micro SD Card is the perfect ally for advanced display and security technology.

    Effortless Integration – We bring you a Micro SD Card that works seamlessly with a range of devices, including Smartphones, Digital Cameras, CCTV Cameras, and Digital Signage Solutions. So, if you want to eliminate the hassle of extra setup requirements, this is the SD card you need!

    Flexible Capacity Choices – Available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB, Trueview Micro SD Card caters to your unique storage and recording needs. It minimises the need for frequent data transfers and supports extended recording times.

    Addressing Pain Points

    Storage Challenges – Traditional storage often fails in terms of capacity and durability. However, Trueview Micro SD Card addresses this issue and offers high-capacity storage for continuous recording and heavy use. With ultra-high speed, you can enjoy lightning-fast read and write speeds, perfect for capturing stunning HD videos and transferring large files in an instant.

    Data Security Concerns – Say NO to data loss and keep your footage safe with Trueview Micro SD Card. With its high endurance and reliability, our Micro SD Card significantly reduces the risk of data loss, keeping your important information intact. Capture every moment and secure your systems with Trueview Micro SD Card!

    Compatibility Problems – Trueview Micro SD Card is compatible with an array of devices, including smartphones, digital cameras, CCTV Camera with Solar Panel, WiFi CCTV Camera for Home, Smart 4G CCTV Cameras, Digital Signage Solutions, and many more products. With our versatile and dependable storage solution, you get broad compatibility, allowing you to switch devices or upgrade systems easily.

    Reliability meets Capacity!
    Get your hands on Trueview Micro SD Card – Your go-to solution for advanced Surveillance, Digital Signage Solutions, and other storage needs!

    Weight 0.025 kg
    Dimensions 15 × 11 × 0.9 mm

    64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB

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