3MP Pro 4G Dome ATC Camera

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• 3MP (2304 x 1296) Resolution
• All Time Color Vision
• Full Duplex Audio Intercom (Built-in High Sensitivity Mic & Speaker)
• Support 10x Digital Zoom
• Area Motion Detection, Humanoid Detection, Push Rale time Notification on the Application
• Mobile Notification on Human & Motion Detection
• Customized Pre-recorded Voice Alarm
• Support Micro SD Card up to 256GB & Cloud Storage(Optional)
• Compression: H.264 / H.265 / H.265+
• 4G connection
• QR code for Easy to add camera in the app
• Monitoring : Mobile/PC Software (TrueCloud)
• Alexa Support

  • 3MP Pro 4G Dome ATC Camera


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    Our 3MP Pro 4G Dome ATC Camera is designed to cater to a wide range of environments, including

    Commercial Spaces – Our 4G Camera with SIM Card is ideal for businesses wanting to surveil and safeguard their premises, customer interactions, etc. Moreover, apart from monitoring, this camera can prove invaluable for business owners for analyzing foot traffic. Accordingly, they can optimise their store layouts for improved customer experiences.

    Residential Areas – Our CCTV Camera with SIM Card is perfect for homeowners. If you are looking to keep a vigilant eye on your property and loved ones, this camera will serve as a deterrent against burglaries. Additionally, our camera also offers real-time alerts on recognising any unusual activity.

    Industrial Sites – The rugged design of our Security Camera with SIM Card ensures workplace safety by helping you monitor the manufacturing processes at your indoor sites. It also aids in compliance monitoring and helps ensure that all the safety protocols are followed consistently.

    Public Spaces – From parking lots to parks and other public spaces, our Wireless 4G Camera with SIM Card can aid in deterring criminal activities and ensuring public safety. It can also be used to monitor and manage traffic, enhancing overall public safety.

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    Benefits Over Features

    Superior Connectivity – Our Wireless Camera with SIM Card, guarantees consistent connectivity round the clock. It’s meant to make sure that your surveillance is not interrupted even in the absence of traditional internet connectivity. This way, you can stay connected to your premises 24/7, even internet-challenged or the most remote locations.

    High-Resolution Imaging – Our camera’s 3MP lens ensures to deliver crystal-clear images always. Thus, you can easily access and identify crucial details as and when required. Its high-resolution imaging is ideal for detailed monitoring of valuable assets or sensitive areas.

    Durable Design – Our Security Camera with SIM Card is built to withstand different environmental conditions, making it ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. Where regular cameras might fail, this camera will ensure to provide continual footage even in challenging environments.

    Wireless Flexibility – Being a Wireless Camera with SIM Card, our device offers you installation convenience even in locations that may have challenging wiring hassles. The wireless flexibility also means a reduction in maintenance costs as there will be no need to replace wires when damaged whatsoever.

    Addressing Pain Points

    This camera adeptly addresses common surveillance concerns like

    Reliable in Remote Areas – Our CCTV camera with SIM Card can be a game changer for areas with limited, unreliable or no Wi-Fi connectivity. The 4G connectivity ensures round-the-clock monitoring without any lags. This camera can prove particularly beneficial for disaster-prone areas where traditional communication lines might possibly fail in rough weather conditions.

    Easy Installation and Use – The wireless nature of our camera makes its installation a breeze. People who are not technically inclined, even they can easily install this camera. Its user-friendly interface further makes it super easy to operate and manage – no in-depth technical knowledge is required.

    Versatile Monitoring – Right from home security to public safety, and other places, our camera is suitable for a wide range of applications. The versatility of this camera makes it very useful to be used for observational studies, wildlife monitoring, challenging area surveillance, and so on.

    Weather-Resistant – The robust build quality of our 4G Camera with SIM Card helps them remain operational in harsh weather conditions, offering reliability all the year-round. Its durability quotient further ensures long-term performance and considerably reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

    Our 3MP Pro 4G Dome ATC Camera is a commitment to enhanced security and the assurance that whatever matters the most to you is always under a watchful, unblinking eye.

    Choose peace of mind; choose our 4G Camera with SIM Card.

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    Dimensions 11.8 × 22.1 × 10.6 mm

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    1 review for 3MP Pro 4G Dome ATC Camera

      May 30, 2024
      Working perfectly and it was very easy to setup. Just interested SIM, MICRO SD CARD, and installed Android app in my mobile, got QR CODE. That's it. Connected easily. Recommended item
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