65 inch TrueBoard


• Ultra Resolution Output.
• Zero bonding technology for natural writing experience.
• Front audio stereophonic speakers.
• Industrial grade aluminium frame.
• Multiple signal input HDMI, SPDIF, RS232, AV I/O, Earphone.
• Infrared touch technology for rich writing experience.
• Password Lock protected.
• 450 cd/m² ± 5% high brightness.
• Built in Android OS with optional windows 10 OS.
• 4mm protect and anti-scratch glass.
• 20 Point Touch. ≦5ms response.

  • 65 inch TrueBoard


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    Interactive Learning – As an Interactive Panel for Classroom, TrueBoard boosts teaching methods. It helps in real-time collaboration and idea sharing. It also improves student engagement through interactive lessons. Our interactive Flat Panel TrueBoard offers seamless integration of digital tools in the teaching arena.

    Business Presentations – In the business world, Trueboard works as an advanced display solution. By offering crystal-clear video wall display capabilities, it not only enables interactive multimedia presentations but also enhances business meetings. This way, our Interactive Flat Panel Display facilitates remote participation and digital interactivity.

    Creative Collaboration – For creative teams, our Interactive Flat Panel TrueBoard is a dream come true. It supports real-time design and editing and assists in group brainstorming with easy sketching and planning tools. Moreover, it also shares and displays creative projects in high-definition.

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    Benefits Over Features

    Enhanced Engagement – Our TrueBoard’s interactive features are technologically advanced, creating an amazing user experience in various settings. Its responsive and tactile interface transforms ordinary presentations into dynamic, interactive sessions. Such capabilities improve participant’s attention, result in better retention, creating a more immersive experience for all participants.

    TrueBoard from Trueview is the only brand that offers unmatched features like UI in 5 Indian languages, OCR in 5 Indian Languages, AI assisted shape recognition and suggestions, in-built AI tools, Split screen with Dual OS, three pen modes and a lot many exclusive and advanced features.

    Trueboard is again the only brand that offers Interactive Device Management System (IDMS) using which the user can manage and control multiple AiO interactive flat panel display devices from a remote location. The IDMS application supports controlling power, screen, screen appearance, content and the usage parameters of the IFPD remotely.

    User-Friendly Design – Our TrueBoard accommodates a user-friendy design. Its intuitive interface is super easy to navigate, ensuring that digital interaction is accessible to all.

    Versatility – From the classroom to the boardroom and other spaces, our Interactive Flat Panel adapts to every setting’s needs. It entails the essence of versatile digital display solutions.

    High-Quality Display – With its ultra high-definition resolution, our Interactive Flat Panel TrueBoard delivers crystal-clear images and text. From displaying educational videos in a classroom, detailed graphs in a corporate presentation, or anything else, our 65 inch TrueBoard ensures that every pixel is sharp and every color is truly vibrant.

    Addressing Pain Points

    Simplified Interaction – Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional presentations. With our 65 inch Interactive Flat Panel, experience a more interactive and engaging way of learning and sharing.

    Time-Efficiency – Our TrueBoard is time-efficient for both office professionals and teachers. By letting user quickly access its advanced digital tools, our Interactive Flat Panel significantly cuts down the preparation time.

    Space Optimisation – Our TrueBoard frees up valuable space by reducing the need for multiple gadgets. One device, various functions – this is what our product justifies.

    Durability and Security – The robust build, advanced technology, and security features make our TrueBoard a long-term investment in efficiency.

    Trueview 65 inch TrueBoard – Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities, revolutionise your digital interactions!

    Ram / Storage

    4 / 32, 8 / 128

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